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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
The X-Laws

No, not a Shaman King rant.

Am I the only one who thinks it whack that the Border Patrol is running recruitment ads during The Daily Show and The Colbert Report? I keep thinking it is a spin-off of Reno 911.

These ads don't say anything about the mission of the Border Patrol but it does show them riding over the desert in SUVs, in helicopters, on horseback, and on ATVs. There is also a speeding boat in a river in the desert and some sort of techno-geek giving information via satellite phone, as well. There's a bit of implied search and rescue but no searching for contraband or cuffing perps/illegal immigrants.

The last scene shows a handful of patrolmen and I will give them that they have not only a motley racial mix but also several body types. And a dog. If they are not all in the Border Patrol, the casting director was a genius.

United States Customs and Border Protection, the eXtreme law enforcement agency.

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Funny thing, I watch both shows and haven't noticed these ads. I wonder if they show different ads up your way? I always look forward to the Navy commercial though just so I can try to imitate the "Rrrrraaaa" sound they make. (my spouse has told me what they are actually saying, but I can't remember what it is)

I think she Tivo's the 6am re-broadcast, correct? Different ads?

On the one hand, I'd rather the border patrol was staffed by Daily Show fans as opposed to, say, fans of The O'Falafel Factor. On the other, late night television is not really a goldmine of high potential applicants. Though the Daily Show is supposed to be the exception.

But it makes more sense that law enforcement agencies would want to pull from those fans, rather than The Daily Show. Hm, I wonder.

I have to say, I much prefer the Border Patrol ads to the Girls Gone Wild ads which are just embarrassing.

I TiVo the same time frame, but our ads are different. Border Patrol ads do not go over well in the Florida markets.

Well, considering it's Illinois it makes sense to show ads like that. I mean, you have all those 'non-hispanics' getting angry at the 'hispanics' for taking over their jobs. That, and I think Rockford might still have one of the highest unemployment rates in the US. I know it was ranked fairly high about 2 years ago anyways.

Around here, the people who have lost jobs have to be mad at the people on the other side of the planet, as that's where their jobs went. The recent immigrants here just aren't in the same line of business.

You know, I totally should have remembered that. My mother was actually one of the one's who lost her job to China. My bad.

pilgham suggested to me, or at least I inferred, that they are actually running the ads here because of the need for Spanish speakers.

We have the border patrol ads, too, and we're not exactly a major Hispanic market.

We also get ads for Sonic fast food places, the closest of which is hundreds of miles away. I think the ad buy may have been on the national level, and for Comedy Central over a range of times (i.e., later evening when it's cheaper--you never see the gummint advertising during prime time).

As for anti-immigrant feeling, it's not necessarily rational. My brother has unpleasant opinions about it, but of course he made sure to tell me that the bad immigrants weren't like my now-ex. (I wonder if he ever knew that P was an immigrant? Hmm. Brother wouldn't object to him, either, I'm sure.) I did ask him about immigrants who weren't well educated and didn't speak English LIKE OUR GRANDPARENTS, but he never did respond to that.

Now that makes a lot of sense. More so then my cynical response. Apologies for that. It also helps that because there IS such a large spanish population in the area alot more of the non-hispanic students are more willing to learn and practice their spanish as well.

Heh. I just noticed that the other night; my husband saw the ad as we were fast-forwarding on the TiVo and made me stop and watch it. He says they've been showing those ads constantly on CNN all day.

Part of me was going, "Ugh, what a depressing job." The other part was occupied with "HORSIES! YAY! I WANNA RIDE HORSIES!"

Pretty sure that's what they are goin' for or "ATVs, awesome, man!" and the like.

Re your icon, Colbert as running mate?

Have you ever wandered into The Daily Show</> fan fic? I was sent there by fandom wank about a foofera over some chick with a Tucker Carlson icon.
It confirmed me in thinking that real people fanfic is a bad thing.