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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

Born January 16th at the Lincoln Park Zoo.


Oh sooo cute. I'm stealing one. (shhh)

Pssthth! They're not all that!

I am much the cuter yuou silly monkey!

- E -

Watch your mouth, pretty boy!

Psssthth! Hssssttt! Tttthhhtt!

Is that the face of a male?

Plotting revenge,

- E -

That's MRS. Monkey to you and I live too far away for your revenge to be effective!

Are they a mixed a breed? They're so pretty!!!

They're sand cat babies.

Sand cats, huh? Never heard of 'em. But OMGSQUEE, they're adorable.

Both our zoos have them.

As you can guess they're a desert cat ound in Africa and they are one of the smaller wild species. My researches, i.e. Google, say the males get to about 3 kgs which is smaller than either one of my house cats.

Wow, usually I'm a sucker for kittens of any species, but it's unusual for me to like the zoo ones for cats that aren't big. (Tiger and leopard kittens are among my favorites.)

They're pretty cute as adults too, oversized ears and paws. Apparently the tend to get arthritis from the damp climate around here. I don't know if Brookfield still has them; the one they had was getting pretty elderly.

Aww, look, they're already sharing their fleas!

Noko, if you're around today, would you please reply to the most recent entry of my LJ - I am making certain my custom filter is working. And can you still see the 'sex offender and whining' entry?

They shouldn't have fleas. Supposedly all the fleas that will bite them are on the other side of the planet wondering where all the sand cats went. The local fleas don't like the taste.

No tails? Cute little things. :)

Non Seqitur

I never cared for the appearance of human babies.

I wish MD had been born with a long furry tail (she wishes it, too; a prehensile one).


Spay Your Catgirl
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Re: Catgirl?

Sure, except for the tail being prehensile. I want one, too.

s' a cute picture

dem looks like purdy cat'snall. I wish I had the all with where to keep my journal up to date much as you do. You shame me into doing a better job by posting kitty snaps. I will name them all what I name all my cats. Most people think I name my cats after a cartoon cave man, but no, I name them for a girl i knew long ago who was much like a cat in attitude. Isn't that a rather strange co-ink-a-dents? I have had 4 cats, all named the same. and you have a picture of cats.

Re: s' a cute picture

So your cats were all named Ally?

The virtue of LJ is I can fool myself that I have a social life outside of home and work without ever having to leave the comfort of my incredibly comfortable office chair.