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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

chezsterno brought it to my attention that today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

I felt some sort of celebration of the day was in order so at the office:

at the office

So that those of you I "see" only virtually are not left out: Pop Some Now

For more bubble wrap goodness: Official Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day site

So I get home from work and MD emerges from her lair.

MD: We talked about anal sex today, in Health.

O-7: ...

MD: It isn't supposed to bleed is it?

O-7: ...

MD: You're supposed to lube and stuff, right?

O-7: Um

I'm pretty sure we didn't cover anal sex in my Health Ed class.

Mood: chipperchipper

That bubble wrap game amused me for far too long. lol

Simple pleasures for simple minds?

I love the icon.

lol Something like that. And thanks. Yeah, I don't remember chatting about anal sex in Health Class either. That would be a slightly disturbing conversation to have with my mother.


Simple pleasures for simple minds?

Bubble wrap or anal sex?

*Must...work...on...flashfic...resist...the urge...to pop...MORE BUBBLES!!...focus, alf_b, FOCUS!!!!*

I remember health class, and the talk of anal sex >.< Then again, anything and everything was discussed.

I'm almost afraid of what Tyler will be learning in health class when he becomes a teenager...

The FUTURE . . .

I'm almost afraid of what Tyler will be learning in health class when he becomes a teenager...

I worry that until those cyberpunk implants, or nanotech, become reality (if ever), the only taboo left is ostomy sex.
(I'll bet that there is already a thousand pay-porn sites for it; but I refuse to find out!)

Re: The FUTURE . . .

I need that image to get out of my head RIGHT NOW!

I'm all in favor of anything that can effect the kids' health being discussed.

I suspect bias on the part of the instructor, however. According to MD, the teacher said that the spread of AIDS was largely due to bleeding during anal sex. This didn't seem right to her (or me when she was telling me about it) but it's a subject on which I'm pretty ignorant.

Thanks - I'm so excited to read your Jaken + Myoga!'

*huff, puff* I'm here, I'm here!

Sorry I'm so slow to catch up, but have been using all my free-time to finish up flashfic.

Bleeding, sure if you like it rough.

And I popped a few of the virtual bubble wrap - I'm cool.

When you "publish" you'll have to post links for your non-flash ficcer friends, i.e. me.



My assigned pairing was Inu/San - Sounds easy but I nearly pulled my hair out trying to think of something.

Here is the flashfic written for me (which I discovered had been assigned to af_b) which is a Jaken+Myoga. I'm about to read it, yay.


*iz shuddering*

Oh, my... I'll take questions about 'sparkling' over this any day!

Your time is coming.

But at least she felt she could ask me this.

Or wanted to see me squirm.

I suspect parental 'squirming' was an appreciated side-effect, and I sincerely hope that my two will feel comfortable enough to ask me these sorts of things as well.

MD's cool.