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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
To All of You Rwandans Out There ...

... Merry Democracy Day.

One of the things I like to chat about with my cube neighbor, J, is the celebration of the day. But I have three calendars up in my office. Only only has boring, because familiar, Western holidays in it, one has only Japanese holidays (which I have to go on ine to figure out what they are) and one has no holidays marked at all. Between them, they leave a vast number of days with no topic. I had been hoping to get a calendar to fill this void for Christmas but MD failed me.

So I do what I always do, searched online: EarthCalendar

I've added it to my links list as "All Holidays".

I slept in this morning and didn't get up until about 6:15. Just like always, Evil was on the landing waiting for me to escort her downstairs. She was full of complaints about me sleeping in and then about me performing the morning's necessities (booting my pc and opening Outlook). When I finally descended, she scampered downstairs, as best as a perfect sphere can scamper, and was finally able to stick her face in the food bowl.

The thing is, MD was already awake and downstairs watching the telly...

Mood: amusedamused
A Rebuttal

It could have been a burglar down there. I kept warning her but the Mama Monkey is Ms. Oblivious. So, against my better judgement, I went downstairs, too, just to protect the silly thing.

Why she didn't call the monkeys in blue, I don't know.

Icon Love.

Frosty gains the power of speech.

Hey sexy, I'm impressed by your bravery for one.

Shall be generous and send this year's moon calender. Richard wants a replacement for his and it does offer an unanswered rhythm to the year. (Still trying to use up those damn stamps).

That would be appreciated!. One can't have too many calendars. J has 5. I had 5 last year.

Is project, them's cheap! Expect soon. Along with full Catholic calender. Hey, you never know.

EarthCalender inadequacy

EarthCalender doesn't list "Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day" (30 January 2006)!

Wazzup with that!?!

Re: EarthCalender inadequacy

Wazzup, indeed.

Never said the thing was perfect and that is just the sort of thing I'd want to mention to J. I recall discussing it last year.

However, it does include "Talk Like a Pirate Day".

Post like a Pirate Day?

Pirate Keyboard

Re: Post like a Pirate Day?

It doesn't really look hook compatible.

Re: Post like a Pirate Day?

That's terrific, where can I get one of those?

You have to add all the British holidays, since you'll be traveling there soon - such as the one where they burn the witch effigy and dance around the campfire - what's that one called?

We will just miss Emmeline Pankhurst Day.

Owning and reading the Hite report makes it wrong for you to celebrate women's lib anyway.

I just want to know men's vulnerabilities so I can crush them (the men) like something very easily crushed.

Heh, beat down those pesky menfolk when they get uppity!

I read through it while in uni, but I remember some of the interviews reading like porn stories. I wondered how much of it was pure fiction (from the subjects).

Even if they were lying it gives insight into what the guys found appealing.

One reviewer on Amazon recommends giving it to one's 16yo daughter.

What! I seem to remember several graphic rape descriptions! 16 year-olds should be allowed to read such things only if they manage to acquire it by stealth.

I think I know where your copy is - you'll find it when you clean off your desk.

16 year-olds should be allowed to read such things only if they manage to acquire it by stealth from AFF.

Oh ho! AFF does offer highly accurate and tasteful sex education free to the teenage public - and I've learned a few things that I wished I hadn't from there as well...

I didn't know it was supposed to hurt like that.

Yeah and who would have thought of using mayonnaise and extension cords to do that?

Vinyl is final and plastic chains forever.

You read that one too?

November 5th, Burn the Effigy Day. Geeze, don't you pay any attention? Through the Looking Glass starts on November fourth, 1896. It's important!

It certainly was, aren't you proud of informing the uninformed!

Then keep your trap shut.

PHOO! GAH! You are lucky I'm feeling merciful this morning as you never would have survived otherwise.

You have me curious - what would you have done if you were in a bad mood then?