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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Sesshoumaru and Mrs. Higurashi: The Beginning

Just posted on iy_no_kakera.

Title: The Beginning
Theme you are basing the piece off of: Set #1, Theme #1, Beginning
Genres: General
Pairings Represented: will be Sesshoumaru and Mrs. Higurashi
Word Count: 348
Rating: PG
Summary: When Kagome fell down the well, not all the lives that changed were in the past.

"I'm off."

She will balk at keeping secrets from her family but to keep them safe, she will do it.

He waited, unobtrusively, as the miko left her home and her mother waved good-bye. He waited, as the fated events played out, for the proper moment to make his presence known. The distant watch he kept on the shrine for centuries culminated in this day though his decision had truly crystallized only in the last few decades.

Not for the first time, he wished he did not require an ally. A lesser person would have sighed. Nevertheless, she needs to know what to do, whom to call, in an emergency. This was the most difficult step in his plan. His negotiation techniques had evolved from the kill first, talk never methods he had used in the past but he would never be silver-tongued. How many years and I, Sesshoumaru, still don't know what words to say?

"You shouldn't play in the small shrine."

How to explain the existence of demons?

"But Buyo is …"

How to explain her child's destiny?

"Inside the concealed well?"

How to explain I tried to kill her child?

She is a person of worth. The strength of her child reveals this. It must be the whole truth.

Washing the breakfast dishes and planning her day, Mrs. Higurashi paid little attention to the familiar sounds of the children squabbling. "Mama! Grandpa!" Her son's panicked shriek jerked her from her reverie. She dried her hands on her apron as she went to find Souta. The front doorbell rang.

"Grandpa, Sister was …"

I guess I can get the door. Who could it be this early? Peeking through the door, Mrs. Higurashi saw one of the shrine's most important donors, perfectly groomed, as usual. Oh, bother. Why didn't he phone first? The house is a mess.

Pasting on a smile, she flung open the front door, "Good morning, Mr. Nishigawa. Please come in and sit down. I'll fetch my father-in-law."

"Pardon me, Mrs. Higurashi, but I have come to speak to you about your daughter, Kagome.

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