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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Yesterday I was a Giant Aubergine

My name is ouatic_7 and I am a LiveJournal addict.

But I have started that long hard road to recovery. Today marks the second day in a row where I have fought off those cravings and not peeked at LJ on my boss's dollar.


Yesterday, I couldn't spell awberjean, now I are one.


Not a discovery one wants to make about one's spouse.


Remember to cake yourself in salt to draw out your bitterness.
And then wash the salt off completely.

Re: Bitter

Excellent advice for a cold too.

Re: Bitter

I'm not sure that that will work with either P or O, here. Is age a factor?

Re: Bitter

Hey! Hey! I'm hardly bitter at all!

I'll have you know I've mellowed considerably in my old age. Think overripe.

Nooooo! You're not allowed to be productive or lead a healthy, LJ free life until you've entertained me on my fl for at least a year!

*slaps hand* Bad, bad, bad!

I'm just trying to kick it at work for fear I lose my job, which I happen to enjoy and which I also happen to enjoy the rewards of. Of course, then I could LJ all day...

When you put it that way, I guess you should spend less time on LJ then....

*sniff* I just never knew that you'd enjoy real-life more than faceless, fairly anonymous internet conversations where you occassionally get snarked something good (and not usually by me *sniff*).

but peeking at LJ is when it is more fun...then you share what you read with others at the site.

Sadly, while the guy I sit near shares many of my interests, he's not an LJer.However, he did mention the Bat Girl meme to me a day or two before I ever saw one.


As in an overripe aubergine. I crave entertainment, what do I care if you slavishly fear your bosses? What? Are we mice bipedal hominids?

Try saying that one three times fast.

I like it when you sneak peeks. It adds a flavor of evil to the whole affair.

Re: Punky

I am an aubergine, at least I was on Thursday. I thought you got that.

Re: Punky

I get nothing.

Re: Punky

*pat* *pat* That's so sad.