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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
It's A Small World After All

So, having been summoned by my husband, who had since wandered off, to make a to-do list, pilgham calls from his 'puter, "What do you know about Boilerplate?"

O-7: "What's the context?"

P: "Victorian robot"

O-7: "That rings a bill. Tell me more."

P: "Introduced at the Columnbian Expositition, fought wiith Panco Villa"...."Paul Guinan"

O-7: "I know Paul Guinan. Actually, I knew Paul Guinan. He was a year behind me in school."

P: "Spelled how?"

O-7: "Guinan"

P: "..."

O-7: "He had a site with his wife with robots and stuff...."

pilgham may remember the conversation slightly differently but that's the gist of it. I just found it amusing because I was looking up old acquaintances on the web a while back and found the site, BigRedHair.com, while my husband linked into it from the blogosphere, Jesus' General. There's seems to be more there now; gotta get me some Boilerplate.

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The world shrinks a-pace. What's your thought on a little French bitsro called "Café Féminins D'hygiène" for the Snare. Too heavy handed?

Daughter #1 says so but I do want people to at least pick up some sort of crude reference in the name.

Well, we know the Japanese wear random bits of English (as Americans do Japanese, of course), but I doubt a restauranteur would name his bistro something he didn't know the meaning of. So there has to be a reasonan excuse for the name.

My French is non-existent; is the name about maids or tampons?

Feminine hygine products in general. And, I protest, not so:


What the hey! Go for it!

Hee, hee!

My daughter reminds me that "Tambo" was a way station for travelers and I find through google an interesting site called "HIGIENE DE TAMBOS" selling all sort of disinfectant. No flowers.

Well, there you go. But why would Tambo be a way station for travellers and why would your daughter know that? Geez, two years of Latin and all Daughter #1 can do is decline a verb. She couldn't recognise a Latin quote if you hit her over the head with it.

I never knew the Victorian era was so sophisticated!

Um, this is late I know. You grew up with some strange folk.

Re: I never knew the Victorian era was so sophisticated!

Yeah, I was one of the boring ones. The woman I was out with the night I met pilgham is the founder of Kham Aid and spends her time in Tibet.

Re: I never knew the Victorian era was so sophisticated!

Boring? If only they knew of your secret life as a fanfiction diva and porn writer (yes, I know I'm jumping the gun there, but that's said in anticipation). I'll have to look at your friend's sitey.


That's Spam's org, isn't it?

Re: Spam!


Don't ask me why I've started writing "yeppers" because I don't know.

Re: Spam!

Previous was me. Damn new security...