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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
My Alarm Failed this Morning...

I usually get up somewhere between 4:30 and 5.

My first thought, once I was awake, was whether MD had also slept in. No, her alarm went off, she showered in our bathroom and went down to eat breakfast almost like always. I went downstairs.

MD: Good morning.

O-7: Good morning.

MD: *Big hug* I thought you were dead or something!

It was very touching. I need to let her know, though, in future she should give my foot a shake or something.

In the end, I get to work about the usual time, all is hunky dory. At 9:30 I realize I forgot to wear a bra and just count my blessings that I have a shirt on. And it’s right side out. And the buttons and holes match up.

Here's the miscrecat who didn't wake me:

My Failed Alarm -- Buddha

Stopped at the library on my way home; gotta get crackin' on that there itinerary.

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ley me guess...you enjoyed the few minutes of sleeping in.

so you forgot your bra...big deal...pffft...i don't wear one.
(then again, i am a guy)
did you at least wear clean underwear?

There's no telling on the underwear since I get dressed in near dark.

oh great...not.
You sleep in an a Friday before a holiday weekend, don't put on a bra, and not sure about your underwear, and you want to blame the cat....well, according to the paper today, today is "blame someone else day", but tomorrow, you can forget about blaming the cat.

Boo always thinks everyone blames him anyway and he's very sorry about whatever it is.

Yay, Frosty arrived safely!

Wait a minute...goodness, our cats could be twins. Try to send the correct feline back.

Frost looks, to me, all shades of grey. Boo also has brown tones. His tummy is buff or fawn or whatever silly name you use for that color.

Frost is awful pretty, though.

My husband and daughter will be glad to hear that since they chose the name and have taken some flack for it ('Why'd you name your cat THAT?')

So, you're on the 'grey' side, are ya (as opposed to 'gray'). Boo's a nice name too.

And while your cat doubles as an alarm clock, Frost cooks:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I actually meant the cat, not the name. *shifty eyes* Umm the name's very nice, though.

I actually prefer "gray" but somehow got the impression "grey" was correct. Oh, well.

Silly, Nelson. "Boo" isn't his name. His name is Buddha it's just he's awfully skittish.

Evil is the one who cooks. OK. She doesn't cook, she just taste tests.

Evil: What are you having? Is it good? Can I have some?

(O-7 holds out a baby carrot to Evil who sniffs it disdainfully)

Evil: Not that stuff, the good stuff you are eating. Now!

At least Evil asks! Frosty will sneak onto the counter and help herself when you aren't looking (so watch out).

Tell Evil I said she should try the carrot - good for the eyes. Evil IS very cute (icon).

you thrillseeker

Almost forgot to make fun of you for forgetting your bra - you were just showing off, admit it.

Re: you thrillseeker

You know me all too well.

I just kicked both the cats out the back door. That is my plan of operation when I am up before their breakfast time. That way they can kill their own breakfast instead of bugging me for it. They have yet to understand this.

I don't feed them. They just want me to turn on the lights and provide company.