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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

You'd think for as long as we've been talking about this trip we'd have an itinerary all planned, but no. Probably because the trip fell through every other time so it would have been bad mojo.

Anyways, pilgham wants neolithic and made mention of the islands off of Scotland. I give you Orkney. I have been sort of distantly excited but now I'm enthused.

I've read a suffricient number of Georgette Heyers that I want to go to Bath (I'be been to Brighton -- March is definitely not the month to go there) and see the, wait for it, baths. But that is not a done deal like Orkney.

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I can understand Orkney, but in March? Yeah, islands in the North Atlantic would be my first choice, too... well, it will be DIFFERENT than Wheeling.

"The Norwegians have never formally recognised Orkney as part of Scotland." Uh oh, could be trouble.

A friend did a cool thing on another island last summer, but that was just a summer thing. However, she did link to this page of Highland resources, as long as you'll be in the area.

Sorry. We'll be on Orkney sometime in July, probably. But I was on Spring Break when we went to Brighton, way back when. It turns out resort towns are quite dreary in the off season.

Oh my God, Orkney is *gorgeous*. I was there a few years back, and I adored it. If you get the chance, it's worth walking down the coast from Skara Brae to Stromness -- there's a couple of dilapidated brochs off the tourist track, and some lovely scenery. I also highly recommend Evie.

And I'm not jealous. Not at all.

Why should you be jealous when you spring chicen you have already been? Thanks for the rec.

Sadly, we have discovered we are not up to as much walking as we used to be but we plan to work on our endurance preparatory to the trip.

How was your trip?

I was having a wild vision of you doing it *now* in January. I guess June makes more sense.

I would dearly love to see Skara Brae and would cheerfully go with Renfer if I could find the time. I could see it now; she declaiming poetry and me picking at rocks and inquiring into the plumbing.

NB: Finally started on the chapter, should see how it rolls soon.

The days are probably like 4 hours long right now; only good for sightseeing if you've brought the night vision goggles.

Sorry, there will probably be many more posts on this thing.

Indoor plumbing is only one of the many reasons I'm glad I live in the modern era.

Oooh, Orkney looks interesting. I myself am hoping for a resulting picture post, that way we can all benefit from your trip.

And where have you been?

ah yes ...the lovely Orkney. i had a buddy who went to scotland while in the navy and he did stop over in the Orkney. He said that it is a place where men are men, women are women, and sheep are scared.

Now he could be wrong, after all that was back in the early 80's
seriously...have fun.

Ah, nostalgia. I remember that joke from high school.

Thanks. Fun will be had, especially if I can avoid the in-laws.

*pulls Georgette Heyer paperback off of night table by bed and is amazed someone else reads Regency romances too*

I've read 8 or 9 Georgette Heyer books over the last decade and a half and she's one of my favorites. She has a similar style to Jane Austen.

And if you go to Bath, you can see more than...baths. What about the Golden Crescent and what's the name of that hill that overlooks the shore and all those historic sites. Is the Royal Pavilion still there or did that burn down? (Can't remember.)

Ah, well. Sounds like a fun trip no matter where you go. :)

The Royal Pavilion, at least the one I always think of, is in Brighton. It rivals the vernacular architecture of Las Vegas.

Actually, I haven't read a Heyer in about a decade and a half because I pretty much had them memorized. Now, that I'm older and snarkier, I would probably enjoy them even more.

Road Trip!

When you're back in England, consider:

A13 Trunk Road To The Sea

If you ever have to go to Shoeburyness
Take the A road, the okay road that's the best
Go motorin' on the A13

If you're looking for a thrill that's new
Take in Fords, Dartford Tunnel and the river too
Go motorin' on the A13

It starts down in Wapping
There ain't no stopping
By-pass Barking and straight through Dagenham
Down to Grays Thurrock
And rather near Basildon
Pitsea, Thundersley, Hadleigh, Leigh-On-Sea,
Chalkwell, Prittlewell
Southend's the end

If you ever have to go to Shoeburyness
Take the A road, the okay road that's the best
Go motorin' on the A13

Words: Billy Bragg
Music: Bobby Troup

(One imagines that it is just a picturesque in January as June!)

Re: Road Trip!

Do you have an mp3 of this?

On tour

And, Billy Bragg will probably be working the spring/summer festival circuit while you're there.