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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
That Reminds Me...

So, it turned out that last night's Daily Show was another rerun. This meant I had to find something else to put on while I ate breakfast this morning so I watched the dub of the first part of the Inuyasha filler arc with the dehy-demons and the cultural festival.

That reminded me of the first time I saw those episodes, a couple of years ago on a Hong Kong bootleg. At the time, MD happened to wander by, and despite not liking Inuyasha she got sucked in so she was telling her buddy J, who is an Inuyasha fan, about it. J's response, "You must have been on drugs!" We finally lent her the disk.

Columbus Day weekend 2004, we spent going to Peoria to see the community solar system and to Collinsville to see the Cahokia Mounds (a world cultural landmark!). We have had trips with better food but a good time was had by all. J apparently thought Mary was lying about that, too.

Edit 1/9/2006: I actually like J. This was just an excuse for me to recount a couple of anecdotes I thought weere mildly amusing.

pilgham's sabbatical came through so I put in for my vacation and got it approved, four weeks. This means we have to get cracking on planning the trip.

My biggest concern is leaving the cats alone for weeks. Boo would not care for the commotion of being boarded but I don't want to rely on a teenager for that long. Either way, Boo will be a basketcase without his Mama.

Then, there's the itinerary. I don't need to have each day planned in detail but I certainly want a rough idea. Unfortunately, this isn't the way pilgham likes to do it.

pilgham went to school in England, and I've been a few times but this will be MD's first time.

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Why not just get a list of places you would all like to see and group them by city? That way, you can just take a look at it to remind why you're in a specific area, but it's not really planned? Or does pilgham protest against even that?

Still, I can understand why he wouldn't like an itenerary if you've already lived some place! (am envious of him).

As for MD's friend, maybe she just can't believe that the US has culture. As for the Inuyasha thing, um, well she maybe she has a mental problem? Compulsive disbelief? I'm sure there's probably a disorder like that somewhere in the books...

I like your list idea. We need to do that anyway to figure out what towns to go to and how long to stay.

As for the trip, J just thought driving around all day sounded boring, not to mention the sights we saw, but MD had a case of diet coke and a vasty supply of manga in the back seat so she was set with everything she needed except the internet.


". . . a mental problem? Compulsive disbelief? I'm sure there's probably a disorder like that somewhere in the books..."

Denial of reality, that would be axis 1 in the DSM, right?


Hey Stern, you could use the company of a couple of cats for a few weeks, couldn't you?

Trip planning: I don't know of any models of the universe, sorry. On the most recent trip, I did pretty well with last-minute accommodations using laterooms.com, which remains in business.

I've visited a bunch of times since 1992, including getting married in Hackney's registry office, though not quite enough to be barred from donating blood. I spent time in London, Leeds, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Hull, and Cornwall. I don't know how that will help, but at least I can make snarky comments with some knowledge. Oh, and it seems like half my F-list are Brits, if you need any info on the ground (as it were).


Thanks much. Lesley goes every year but you're nearer our vintage.

Feline visitation

While I would enjoy having cats around (even temporarily), and I would very much like to have cats; too much of my familyh is too allergic, and I don't want to keep them from visiting.
(Since they are toward the hypo-allergenic end of the kitty scale, I am still considering a pair of abbies in the distant future--if mathteacher can tolerate them.)

Re: Feline visitation

Oh! Isn't that just like you to play the health card!

"abbies"? Is that abyssinians? They're pretty in pics but I've never seen one in rl. And, yeah, ya gotta have at least two or they get bored.


Yes, abyssinians. They're beautiful, smart, and very "handsy" and sharing. One of my other brothers has an abbie (and a german shepard to keep him company).
And, yes, you need at least two similar animals, or they get bored and/or psycho.


Lol, that would be it. I knew there was a name for it... ;p


See there. How can you resist that little face ... on its enormous round, but very cuddly, body?

I'm a little out of the loop here, but I'm assuming you're planning a trip to England - what fun! You could have a secret itinerary. I've been to the big city (London) and to Cornwall (still not quite sure how I ended up there) both of which I enjoyed. Where do you plan to visit on your tour?

Yes, I told everyone but you!

Nah, this is the first it's been mentioned. London and Cambridge are both definite and I have yet to see Stonehenge or Avebury.

When MD and I went to Las Vegas ,I had her read the guide books and make a list of stuff she wanted to do and I did the same thing. Then I merged the lists. Stuff that was on both lists were definites and the remainder we did some of each. That worked really well. But, because of buying show tickets ahead of time and the shortness of the trip, that was pretty tightly scheduled.

I knew it, there was whispering behind my back! I'd love to see Stonehenge, that would be a marvelous sight! Will you be there the full four weeks? I definitely think you should make an itinerary, even if just to weed out the places which you wouldn't mind skipping. Four weeks seems like a long time, but that's deceptive, isn't it? You could easily spend four very busy weeks there and still not see many of the places you truly wanted to see. Of course, you would have still had a terrific time, I imagine, either way.

We're currently talking something like 2 and a half weeks, leaving on a Monday and coming back towards the end of the week. Even allowing myself time to recuperate from vacation, I will probably go back to the office during the 4th week in order to be able to take time off later.

I don't think we will try to see all. That way lies crankiness and really sore feet.

Your words are wise beyond your years.

So, off to England and you can't take the cats. Mrrph, they may never forgive you.

On the upside, that would be totally different. Enjoy it.

Told MD that her Dad's sabbatical came through and my four week's vacation. "Ugh, family togetherness." Hmmm, we could just abandon her to look after the cats...

Oh, do mention that. It is all very well being younger and finer bones than such as we...just as long as we remember who made whom.

Sounds like you will have a great trip. Enjoy the family bonding time while you can. Kids grow up before you know it. :)

And I hope your cats survive without you. They are such creatures of habit and they will miss you while you are gone. Bring them British treats to make up for it. :)

Evil is quite fond of cheese...

Cheese, Grommit!

Evil cheese!?!