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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Meme of Four

Seen on bibliofile and others:

Four jobs you've had in your life: Diaper folder at a diaper service (and I made better than minimum wage!); periodicals page (I had to make people leave me an driver's license so they wouldn't make off with the library's Playboys); check retention clerk; notions clerk (at Vogue Fabrics in Evanston). That list doesn't even get me out of college.

Four movies you could watch over and over: Porco Rosso (I watched this 5 times one weekend when I was writing a paper on it and it didn't get boring), Drive (starring Mark Dacascos and John Pyper-Ferguson), the long version; Running Out of Time, directed by Johnny To; Big Trouble in Little China. Tomorrow I may have a different list.

Four places you've lived: Including just the ones I remember anything about: LA Suburbs of Inglewood, PVP, and Manhattan Beach; Evanston, IL; Tucson, AZ; Chicago, IL.

Four TV shows you love to watch: The Daily Show, One Piece, Firefly, The Tick

Four places you've been on vacation: the four most recent counting back: Gassville, Arkansas; Peoria and Collinsville, IL (they are 5 hours apart but it was only a 3 day trip); Washington, DC; Lexington, MA

Four websites you visit daily: LiveJournal (duh!); Google; the Wiki at work; AFF *flush*

Four of your favorite foods: Tipton family recipe rye rolls (that means no cumin!); refried beans, especially the classic kind with lard; naan; Dave's Italian Kitchen (Evanston, IL) onion and garlic pizza. Gotta love those carbos.

Four places you'd rather be: (I don't really understand the question.) In my new clean, single story home, with a two car garage and a southern exposure on the driveway; Somewhere more temperate that both pilgham and I can tolerate, maybe Vancouver BC; Friday; Easier Street

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Meme right back at ya

It's so much more fun to spam your journal than mine.

Four Jobs You've Had in Your Life: Library page (shelve those books faster, peon!), typesetter/copy editor/do-flunky for the city newspaper, Army (radio operator), tax preparer for Jackson Hewitt. That doesn't even take me past 1993.

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over: Princess Bride, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Ruthless People and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I like to laugh.

Four Places You've Lived: Stuttgart, Germany; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Logan, Utah; and Augusta, Georgia.

Four TV Shows You Love to Watch: NUMB3RS, Pardon the Interruption (PTI), The Daily Show and any football game (NFL).

Four Places You've Been on Vacation: Yellowstone Park, WY; Garmisch, Germany; Berchtesgarten, Germany; Disneyland, CA.

Four Websites You Visit Daily: Go To My PC (it's a Citrix portal for accessing my client's servers), LiveJournal (duh), Fandom Wank, Google.

Four of Your Favorite Foods: Pizza, shrimp scampi, udon, and any pasta covered in alfredo sauce.

Four Places You'd Rather Be: You're kidding, right? I live in Florida. It was 68 degrees today, balmy and beautiful. My flowerbeds are blooming, and my kids spend Christmas vacation playing street football and riding their bikes. There is nowhere else I'd rather be, until hurricane season starts, that is. Then I'd like to visit the old stomping grounds up in Idaho.

Re: Meme right back at ya

Ha! Ha! Periodicals pages didn't have to shelve anything except periodicals and locked case books.

Princess Bride nearly made my list and tomorrow it might.

My folks lived in Augusta long before I was born and loved it. My dad was transferred there from 6 Mile (outside Fairbanks) in Alaska so the family (my folks and my older brothers) drove to Augusta via the Pan American Highway which they had read about in a magazine as having been completed. It wasn't. This was long enough ago that my brother's teachers in GA told them there were no pyramids in Mexico. --> Way off topic...

I think it's funny you mention Disneyland. We occasionally went on Christmas after presents but I've never been to DisneyWorld.

Hey, I didn't know you'd lived in Tucson! My Mom grew up in Wilcox, not far south of there. She's always pining for the mountains.

I went to the U of A for a term and stayed part of the summer. I loved it except walking is forbidden there so any time I hoofed it I would get all kinds of cat calls.

You managed to make this meme interesting. Sounds like wild times during your college days!

Four websites you visit daily: .... AFF *flush* And you even admit to that, you smut addict. ;)

Well, I visit it every day but I don't usually find anything that interests me, not being all that excited by hot inucest or Elricest or Weaselycest. It's really an illustration of my boundless optimism.

Got a little overly excited and had to post this just like lavender has done.

Four Jobs You've Had in Your Life: Teacher, Wedding Photographer Assistant (gained weight on that job), breastfeeding peer counselor ('peer' means I lack proper credentials, but still got paid), waitress.

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over: Ishtar, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, The Black Stallion, Malibu's Most Wanted

Four Places You've Lived: Louisiana, Alabama Gulf coast, Mississippi, Czech Republic

Four TV Shows You Love to Watch: The Colbert Report, Lost, Inuyasha, Daily Show

Four Places You've Been on Vacation: NYC, Florida, Croatia, Canada

Four Websites You Visit Daily: Livejournal, Livejournal again, AFF (yes me too), does hotmail count?

Four of Your Favorite Foods: chocolate, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, raisen bran

Four Places You'd Rather Be: Wait, I just realized I'd already done this meme x 5. Let's see, in a hot bath, in a place where time stands still so I can goof off, guilt-free, near the Adriatic, boy that hot bath sure sounds nice...

Why/when/how did you live in the Czech Republic? That sounds interesting.

I think you are pulling my leg with the raisin bran and brussels sprouts.

Four jobs you've held in your life: Salesclerk for Loheman's (sort of like a cross between a fine clothing store and a factory gone haywire); Pharmacy Tech; Nurses Aide (back when we still tied people down, baby!; Agency Nurse (scum of the nursing universe).

Four movies you could watch over and over:What's up Doc? (It's just so endlessly complex); Monty Python and the Holy Grail; Some Like it Hot;Naag Shakti(worst evil villain ever, totally senseless and with music!).

Four Places you've lived:Beaver Creek, Ohio; Rockville, MD; Gaithersburg, MD; Sanford, FL; Bourne, MA.

Four TV shows you love to watch:Arrested Development; Ballykissangle; Everyone Hates Chris; The Daily Show or </i>Ellen</i> I'm not sure which.

Four Places you've been on vacation: Seabrook Beach, NH; Niagra Falls, BC; Cape Breton, Nova Scotia; Disneyworld and Epcot, FL.

Four websites you visit daily:LJ, Poenews, Engrish.com, AFF (no flush, I need my smut).

Four of your favorite foods Eggs Benedict (with real Hollandase sauce only);Broiled Lamb Chops; Grilled cheese; French onion soup. Oh, dear.

Four places you'd rather be:I could tell you locations but they are all time and circumstance related. Will have to take a pass. No point wishing.

Hey, I remember Loehmann's--back in the '70s and early '80s, when it was still a pot luck sort of place. Nowadays they look more like a regular store, with lots of the SAME dress, in different sizes. How weird is that?

(My mom was the best outlet shopper in town. Almost literally. It's how the women in our family bond.)

By "worst evil villain ever" does that mean he was really, really evil or just a sweetiepie?

Wong Jing movies have the most evil villains. They copulate with dead girls, molest girls in a vegetative state, blow up school buses, and that's just between betraying their friends!

No! You're not allowed to waffle. The meme clearly states that The Daily Show must be one of the four shows.

screw this...i put the meme in my own journal, so everyone can see

Sigh, which means I am unlikely to see it.

Four jobs you've had in your life: This current job (office grunt for Subway), housekeeper for a 3-star hotel, dishwasher, filing clerk.

Four movies you could watch over and over: *sigh* Let's see...Mononoke Hime (my most favorite of all the Miyuzaki films), Escaflowne: The Movie, Spiderman 2, Contact

Four places you've lived: JUST four? I've never lived in one town for more than 3 years in my entire life!!!!... Pahrump, Nevada (an hour north of Vegas); Sacramento, California; Augusta, Georgia (I was very little, so I barely remember it);, Lafayette, Indiana (which I will never, EVER return to).

Four TV shows you love to watch: Bleach, CSI, One Piece, Supernatural

Four places you've been on vacation: some island off of South Carolina (I forget what it's called, but it's a common vacation spot); Jasper, Alberta, Canada (gorgeous, gorgeous place); San Diego, California (my most favorite city (and I've seen A LOT of cites!)); Vancouver, BC, Canada (which reminds me very, very much of California).

Four websites you visit daily: LiveJournal, DeviantArt, Inu-Goya.com, and currently BlueLaguna.net

Four of your favorite foods: Pepperoni Pizza (preferably Dominos), Abuela's spanish rice, chocolate pie, McDonalds

Four places you'd rather be: Wherever my family in the States is, Vancouver, Pahrump, San Diego (basically, places that I'm quite fond of that I've been before. Boring, I know).

I visit AFF.net for the same reasons, and leave it disappointed every time. *sigh*
And Vancouver is nice. California (San Juaquin Valley and the more populated areas of Southern Cali), which is very similar to the southern BC area (in my opinion) is warmer, though.

Bleach! *High Five*
One Piece! *High Five*

I thought Parhump was connected to camels (apparently I thought wrong) but from the descriptions I found when I was checking my facts it does sound lovely. I like desert myself and my ever melty husband might be able to tolerate it at the higher altitude.

I haven't been to San Diego since their bicentennial back when I was wee. I'd like to go again.