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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
The Glasses Never Lie*

Just watched Bleach #60.

* Except in Hiikaru no Go


Just watched The Family Stone. How was Bleach? Never seen it.

It's the new Naruto.

Were you a Naruto fan?

Sure! Gotta love Naruto, though less so in the dub, believe it!

It never held my interest, but I know most anime fans love it. Course, that was the dub.

Well, if you're watching the dub, it's barely gotten started. In Japan, it's reached a stage where just about everything from the early episodes has been altered. But they've done it while keeping the characters true, and the plot believable (well, flying ninja believable, anyway).

Greetings husband of Ouatic!

The dubbed version I watched was on Cartoon Network - I didn't realize they were only showing the first few episodes. I've tried to watch it, I really have, since a good friend of mine loves the series. I have to admit the thought of a manga/series which has rapid plot development and dramatic turn of events (if that's what you meant) would be awfully tempting after Inuyasha.

I keep hearing about it but have yet to look into it. Information overload.

MD and I were already addicted to the translated manga before the show started. Now pilgham is addicted to the show.

The shows we have been watching in our regularly scheduled anime session (Monster and Speed Grapher) are pretty grim so we released an episode of Bleach from our cache. It turned out to be quite grim as well.

And, of course, grim equals art. I tend to see FMA as kind of goofy but many of the stories are dark indeed.

I never said any of them were art. Frankly, I think Stephen Chow is one of the greatest artists working in film today. (apropos because of combination of dark and light)

But there are darks shows and lighter shows. Before we finished Card Captor Sakura we would make sure we watched that last because, no matter the travails, everyone was just so nice.

I never thought "grim" equals "art" but I do think "humorless" equals "dumb". I just got through with a Doctor Who where the hero is stuck on a planet entirely populated by humorless libertarians. He still saved them though.

It must have been a terrible wrench. Could you even begin to envision the Doctor as utterly serious?

I must reply to myself, however, in an attempt to explain. Many old oriental legends postulate the traveling minstral. He always asks, "What tale will you have, a sad one or a merry?"

The answer is nearly always, "A sad one!"

At which the jaw of every westerner hits the knees in a resounding, "What?!"

Sorrow shows the emphirial beauty of life, you see, in Buddhist thought.

Oh, give away the plot, why don't you!