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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Looky What I got from Noko Today!



Thank you nokomarie for the holly, too. MD promptly dropped berries for the cats to eat.

I'm so jealous

Lovely, what are they made from?

Re: I'm so jealous

Noko claims they are shells she picked up on those beaches she posted pics of.

Re: I'm so jealous

Noko mantains her claim. OK, that means the earrings are just so much washed-up shit with a hole through it. So? Wanna fight? ::Bobs and weaves:: I'll get your nose!

look nice...very nice

this reminds me of when i took the wife to mall a couple of weeks. she was looking for earrings. the kind that are hooks. (She only has use of the left arm and hand)
so as i was looking, i found some and shouted" hey dear! I found some hookers!"

It then occur that i said something that cause her to be embarrassed.
Now you know another reason why i do not like shopping

I think you are fibbing. I think you have a grand old time shopping because you love shouting crap like that. Or at least that's the image you maintain on LJ. In RL you could be a shy flower.

MD reads fanfics so, I imagine, other diners are fairly appalled at the topics we discuss while eating out. I conversation was consumed with the logistics of 3 foot long cockroaches.

Nice jewelry. :)

You just reminded me of a conversation I had in a restaurant with my sister and my mom (my daughter and son-in-law sat at the table snickering at us).

My mother asked me about the story I was writing on the Internet and why it was on a porn site. My sister told her it was on Adult FanFiction which was not a porn site but had stories that children should not read.

I seconded that and explained that my story wasn't any worse than a romance novel sold in Wal-Mart; the kind where men don't have a 'penis' but instead have a 'member' or 'length' or 'heat' or some other euphemism. And then I asked her if she really thought I would send her a link to a porn site.

By this time she was so red it was comical. "Oh, no, I know you wouldn't!" (Yeah, riiigghhtt)

I finally noticed the looks we were getting from nearby tables. My daughter was laughing at us and mocking me, saying, "My mom's a porn star!"

By then my mom was making frantic shushing noises.

Ahh, gotta love your family. Loud talk of hookers and three-foot-long cockroaches and euphemistic penises and porn in public just seems normal after a while. ^_^

Anyway, I like those ear rings. :)

How old is your daughter? I have a secret, as yet unused, identity for the racier stuff, which I have to get back to, so we don't have the primal trauma of my brat reading smut written by her mother.


I've been telling everyone she's 24, but I just realized she's actually 25. Dang...I'm older than I thought.

I doubt that she would read anything I write for that 'cartoon cult' I belong to anyway, but she's not one to have trauma over it if she does. More like, I'll have constant teasing from her as she recites exaggerated versions of the sex scenes to me.

If you use your secret identity, please let me know. I'd like to read your smut. ^_^

I'm sure you were just a wee lass when you had her.

Inappropriate dinner conversation

Whenever my family dines together, my baby brother (who is now teaching math at IMSA) mathteacher calls "NO MEDICAL TALK!" But it is usually him that asks a question, which I answer with appropriate medical description; which is, admittedly, inappropriate for public dining situations.

Re: Inappropriate dinner conversation

Shows how well we're acquainted. I didn't even know you had a brother to appall!

Undisclosed siblings

Yes, I've an older sister, a younger brother, two half brothers by my biological father, and another by my mother. That last is mathteacher, who is nearly twenty years younger than I am. You graduated ETHS ahead of me, and we lost touch, so you would never have met him.
For the first few years, when I was still living at home, I would wear him in a Snugglie to pick up women (he was a trerrific chick magnet!).

Re: Undisclosed siblings

My brothers are 11 and 13 years older than me. I wonder if that is why they were so easy to convince to take me with when I was a sprat?

BTW, everyone is looking at you now.

Hey, how'd that get there? Meant it as a reply to your reply.

Can't help being curious, did the stem survive the journey or did it blacken?

Here's what it looked like as of this morning:


It's a little dark. 'Course I say that not knowing the original color.

No too bad. The leaves were a very dark green.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Keep meaning to post this. Thanks again!

How pretty! Noko does wonderful things.

Yes, she does.

::Snerk:: The placement of that comment in this thread seems to grant me god-like powers ::Snort::