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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
The Current Meme Seems to be a Christmas Recap so a Bit Behind the Curve...

I did crank up the tunes and MD emerged shortly thereafter. When she finished her stocking pilgham came down. He had the most stuff in his stocking so it was probably 8:30 before we got to the real presents.

One year Santa brought MD erasers. She complained bitterly about this so naturally Santa had to bring more erasers the next year. Now it is a tradition. This year they were sushi shaped. She couldn't even recognize that they were erasers. Usually Santa tries to bring erasers that are actually functional but he figured she had an ample sufficiency of those from previous years.

Evil had exhausted her little round self helping with the stockings and Boo didn't like the commotion so we had no pussy helpers, but the presents were good. There were no WTF presents.that I know of. I waffle because I am not really sure of pilgham's reaction to the ginormous reproduction atlas he received from me.

Quick breakfast and it was off to the in-laws. You know how the women all gather in the kitchen getting everything in gear? I didn't do that. I could say it was because the kitchen is too small and I don't know where things are, both of which are true, or I could say it's sexist, which is also true, but the real reason is I am a great lazy lump. Besides, the sons weren't contributing.

The kids, including MD opened presents. I tried to restrain my inner present Nazi but she still came out. People must open the presents in the same order each round. I comprehended this when I was 5 (the age of the youngest brat there) so why can't they? And the adults aren't any better.

My parents-in-law gave me a bottle of Bailey's, which I like way too much, and The Myth, Jackie Chan's latest. I had asked for it just the previous week and of course it had to be ordered so I was pretty surprised to receive it. So, I'm examining it and the mouse pad that came with and my FIL keeps telling me to read the note he wrote on the packing slip and I keep saying I will but he just wouldn't let it go. I guess it's a good thing he was so concerned and excited about my present.

I did bring the rolls. I said it was a new variation I had picked up from my SIL while in Arkansas for Thanksgiving but pilgham tried to blow the gaff. I don't know what people believed in the end but they ate pretty much the same quantity they always do while oohing and ahhing over the different taste. Pilgham didn't think I should lie. I felt that if the rolls were a mistake, it looked bad for me to bring them; I should have made new.

We forgot to do the crackers after the meal.

We got home about 6ish and phoned my brothers.

Yesterday I flopped and also fought with my PC. I got a new PDA and the software wouldn't install. My PC wouldn't go back to Restore Points and finally, I had to clean the registry manually which is always big fun. The software installed but now I'm afraid to reboot for fear I kerfaffled something else.

Most of my presents were from my list so naturally I liked them. The only real surprise was that Pilgham's sister and her spouse gave me the complete Calvin and Hobbes set. It weighs a ton.

Long story, short -- Exhausting but good.

EDIT: Funniest thing that happened Christmas? I came home and checked my email. There was a notice from RightStuf that my order had shipped. The order had arrived on the 24th.

Mood: contentIt's Sunday!!!!

Your Christmas story gave me warm and fuzzy feelings, so obviously drama-free and full of good ole family togetherness. The eraser Santa gift was too funny. I think with my step-daughter it must be puzzles - 'why do I keep getting puzzles, I can't stand puzzles!'

Yours sounded pleasantly low key, as well.

MD is so inured to the erasers now she doesn't even bother to bitch about it.

Sushi erasers, where did you ever find those?


I went through J-List (J-Box) at the beginning of November shopping calendars and endded up getting a lot of stocking stuffers, like a set of Studio Ghibili key chains and a wind up Totoro.

The sushi was realistic - would have fooled me. :) I also liked the Elmo Bento box - would be funny to send Anna to preschool with that (if she went). Um, and are the Japenese photo books what I am assuming they are?

Supposedly, you have to go to J-List for the hentai stuff. On J-Box the girls would be, scantily but, clad.

I'm there! (joking) (maybe)

kerfaffled? what is kerfaffled?
is that anything like schebungled(Sheboygan word)?
And people say that we hillbillies talk funny.

I don't know. Is schebungled anything like fubar?

the way the wife uses the word, i believe it is not fubar but beyond totaly messed up.

Your post made me puzzle a bit. Neither Richard nor I can remember a Christmas morning with just the four of us and no pressure.

The pressure is getting out of there and over to the in-laws at the assigned time and then maintaining civility for several hours.

We are talking about just the 3 of us next year. We will say we've gone to one of my brothers.

Sounds like a plan.

We could claim to have...what am I saying? It would never work.

We are talking about just the 3 of us next year. We will say we've gone to one of my brothers.

That works for me. Just remember to block caller ID (or use a cell phone) when making the obligatory holiday phone call, or The Jig Will Be Up. (I'm not saying that you won't think of it, just that it would be embarrassing to forget.)

Ha! Thanks for the tip!

Calvin and Hobbes collection = Christmas-present envy

The eraser thing is hilarious. It must be a challenge to find different ones each year.

It's only hard if you expect them to be functional. THis year's probably aren't. She's gotten correcting fluid, various art erasers,...

You're right. I am out of inspiration. Of course, the idea of an eraser is one uses it and thus it needs replenishing?

Heh, I like the eraser tradition! And pooh on Pilgham for trying to expose the origins of your rye rolls! Everyone should be able to use the "I meant to do that" white lie when they need it. :)

Funniest gift I ever gave my daughter (she did not think it was funny) was shit. Yes, you read that right. She was 13 or 14 at the time and was a royal pain. I kept warning her that if she didn't straighten up, she would get shit for Christmas (meaning she would get nothing). It was an idle threat because I had already bought and hidden several gifts for her. But one day, while browsing through a gardening catalog, I came across...molded manure...in the shape of a frog. Supposedly, it was 'decorative fertilizer' for your flower bed made of 100% sterilized manure. I ordered it immediately.

I gave it to her at the Christmas Eve family party. I'm not sure if she has forgiven me to this day. Everyone in the family remembers and someone reminds her about it yearly. She did get the rest of her gifts on Christmas morning, but I think that's the gift she remembers best...or worst depending on your point of view. :)

I can see how aggravating it would be when every Christmas you family keep asking, "Remeber when you got that shit? Ha! Ha!" That's probably the unforgivable part; no one will let the joke die.

Answer to the Puzzle

You can find the missing letters here:

r s m