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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Head, Meet Kitchen Counter!

In addition to bourbon balls, I made the old family rye roll recipe. They taste a bit funky. I was a bit concerned that my rye flour that had been stored in the downstairs freezer for two years had gone off but no, that wasn't it. pilgham examined the caraway seed I bought new this month. It was whole cumin.

We're still eating the things:

Poll #639449 Rolls

Should I still take the rolls to Christmas dinner?

Hell, yeah! They are a new taste sensation.
Save them for your family and make more tomorrow.
No one explicitly asked you to bring them. Pretend you didn't know they were expected.

Mood: dorkyStupid

You probably already know this, but historians believe that the Salem Witch Trials were a direct result of using fungus ridden rye to make bread. Apparently, there is a particular mold/fungus that grows on rye and causes hallucinations. I'm too lazy to Google it and find the name.

But enjoy your rye rolls anyway. ^_^

Have a great holiday!

Perhaps Ouatic will come back with some interesting stories from Christmas dinner then. :)

Hopefully, I will not give everyone argot poisoning. Ooops! it's ergot, totally different. Apparently LSD is a derivative of ergot and ergot enhances sexuality. hat's not something I want happening at Christmas dinner.

But it would make for a Christmas to remember!

Ergot poisoning. Hard to say though, the people involved had something to gain from all those convictions for witchcraft.

I thought that was the Marie Celeste. Everybody decided to go for a walk after dinner...

I thought dinner was to be a jaunty little picnic in a dingy.

Hmm...dilemmas. The responsible thing would be B. The lazy me would be C. The 'devil may care' attitude says A. Such a tough choice you've got here...

Well, depite the funny taste MD has been numming them up just like they were normal and so has pilgham.

Were you the one who voted 'C'? Sorry your rolls didn't turn out, but just like my vote said, it may be the new taste sensation.

If you take the rolls, though, you might want to warn of the new taste sensation. Saw it somewhere, decided to try it (you could say).

I like that. "I decided to try a variation this year. I thought the caraway was a bit flavorless so decided to give the rolls a bit of a zip."

On those rare occasions that I have cooked the holiday meal, what I particularly hated about it is how set in stone the menu is. No deviations are permitted.

deviations can be fun--and tasty

In my family, it's pretty much the host who gets to decide who's invited and what's to eat. Requests are permitted, and certain side dishes (e.g., cranberry sauce) often provided with specific people in mind.

Anyone who visits the vegetarians and expecting turkey instead of nut loaf will be very disappointed.

Well, I had to look in my spice cabinet for this, I have to admit the seeds look a lot alike. Maybe you could soak them with rum and nobody will notice? Seems a little pungent.

And I was buying them in a grocery store that packages the spices in little disposable tubs that one can actually get a spoon into. The downside is the labels are done by those deli type labeling machines and the spices were arranged alphabetically. I kept looking at the caraway and seeing it was actually cumin (who uses whole cumin anyway?) until finally my eyes saw caraway instead of cumin.

Roasted, in Indian cooking. It does taste different from the powdered, but...I can't really say there's a major point to it.

Salmon now out to dry with its own personal fan. The cats must be watched or it will be fricasse of mystery meat for breakfast tomorrow morning.

It's 7:40 now, if I start the fire in the smoker by ten, so that I have it regulated...sigh.

Chistmas Day in the morning. Bring out the pre-packaged salmon. Oh, well.

Sorry you went to all that trouble and it didn't work out.

It's after 7 here and I am the only one up. What's wrong with these people?

Bring the rolls, but tell everyone they are Cumin rolls and that they're the latest sensation from India. If anyone comments on the taste, subtly imply that they are Philestines who don't appreciate the blessings of other cultures.