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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Heat Wave

It was balmy when I left the house this morning, 19.


That's nearly t-shirt weather in your area, isn't it?

Now it's 36. Not t-shirt weather 'cause I'm kind of a wuss, but bare ears and the snow finally started melting.

Not barefoot either then?

SO what flavor of braid is it and how did it steal the holiday?

It's a Czech Christmas Braid (hozka). More later.

Oops, meant hoska. My friend's wife cooked it for me and I somehow missed out on that little bit of info and so it got stale and moldy and she has had grudge ever since. It's in the post.

I'm assuming you mean 19 celcius, in which I will envy you greatly.

But if you're meaning fahrenheit, then...lol...

Fahrenheit. It's been 10 with a windchill of zero as I leave for work the last couple of weeks so this was, relatively speaking, really nice.

And here I am breaking out the heavy jackets because it's 55F...

I went to school for a term at U of AZ. One of my roommates was from Minnesota. We would laugh at people wearing down parkas when it was in the 50's and, as I said, I'm a total wuss.

But I imagine your heavy jacket isn't quite as heavy as my heavy jacket, otherwise you'd melt.

No, I don't suppose uninsulated suede can be considered that heavy where you are. You win. ^_^

If you can consider it "winning".

*sings* Heat wave! We're gonna have a Heat Wave.

Break out the suntan lotion, beach blanket and let's head down to the pool.

It suppose to be a little warmer tomorrow, but with mixed sleet and snow.
Have fun driving!!!

Ha! Ha! I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow. I'm scott free until Wednesday.

bummer for me...force to spend weekend with mother-in-law in Sheboygan

Well, I do have to go to the in-laws Sunday but it's only half an hour away and some are quite tolerable.

It is not yet dawn and it is a balmy 37°F. Hah!

Which is just as well, as tomorrow morning I will be out nursing a cold smoker all in honor of saving about $20 bucks to come out with my own nova lox. Oh, to pinch a nickel tight enough to make the buffalo fart.

I love smoking meats, but it's awfully difficult to get them into those tiny white wrappers.


Pinching the nickels pretty tight here, too. Buffalo flatulence abounds.

What is everybody doing up at this hour?

Can't sleep - sore throat and head cold. Get on AIM, woman.

Me! I'm up too! (just not for long)

I kowtow to your diligence.

My folks enjoyed their Christmas lox.

Wow, that's like swimsuit weather - in Upper Moose Jaw, Canada.

It's a crisp 27 (feels like 19) degrees Farenheit here in Boggy Bayou. Fortunately, I have a fuzzy, Arctic, three-toed sloth dog to keep me warm.

It's 5:15 where I am and the local airport is reporting 37.9 which is the warmest it's been in the last 24 hours. Today looks to be quite steamy.

Really, it's quite the relief. The weather we have been having is more like what we usually have in late January so no one (me) was really prepared for it.