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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
A Modest Proposal

I understand that in less enlightened times, in many societies, women were considered unclean during their menses. During this time of impurity the woman would be barred from her regular labors for fear the food would be contaminated. She might also be segragated and require ritual baths for purification.

This sounds good to me.

As if having my body leak uncontrollably wasn't bad enough, my periods are always accompanied by cramps and often by headaches. Other women have other nasty symptoms such as back aches, nausea and diarrhea. None of these are conducive to productive labor. I'm sure I'm not the only woman who would prefer to spend her period leaking in peace.

On average, women are still taking home only about 75% of what men make. My proposal? Women should work fewer days than men since we are paid for fewer days than men. Let us stay home on those menstrual days, soaking in the hot bath, or laying in the dark with cucumbers on our eyelids, or just not worrying about getting "caught short".


I wholeheartedly agree! I've even taken vacation days on a few occasions because I didn't feel like dealing with that while at work.

*gives you a virtual 'Hell, yeah!' for support*

Most sick days I take each year are days where I'm craming and headachy and there is really no point in me being in the office, miserable.

cramping not craming.

I understand what you meant much, much more than I want to. And yeah, isn't that what they give us 'sick' days for? I say use 'em.

What? You too? The wife is having hers also. I am wearing my military combat uniform and crawling on my belly. Every now and then i send my son out to the living room on reconisence.
Crap...i think she heard me...ttyl...it's everyman for himself

You see? Everyone benefits!

Not to brag or anything, but I just got mine back last month after a three year hiatus. It was not missed.


I should be saying that to you, my dear!


The Red Tent and the Mikva were/are not entirely without merit.

Re: Tradition

Exactly what I was sayin' or would be if I was doing more than guessing what those are.

Re: Tradition

The Red Tent is where women who were niddah (menstruating, and therefore tumah; or tumah for other reasons) were confined until they could perform the mitzvot of the ritual bath in the mikva (also transliterated mikvah) and become taharah again.

Re: Tradition

Oh, of course.

However, tents are all very well in the Middle East. Here abouts, I think we might need a proper house with central heating. It was mighty brisk today.

Re: Tradition

One is given to understand that the Red Tent, being the exclusive territory of women, was well appointed. But a lot of Women's Wisdom was lost in ha shoah. When we were desert nomads, we lived in tents; and it can get awfully cold in some deserts.
And don't forget about how comfy a yurt can be (or a ger, kherga, or ooee; but NEVER say kabitka to a Mongol--they may kill you in your sleep, having assumed that you are Russian) in the Himalayan winter (in addition, hospitality is automatically expected and given, and it is an insult to thank your host for it!).

Re: Tradition

You need icons!


That would mean learning how to use them!


I think I figured out how to create a default icon.
It's gonna be a long time before I figure out how to change them.

Re: Icons

You look like Uncle Fester in this. Fortunately, everyone loves Fester.


It hasn't helped me much in scoring with the ladies. . .