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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Loin Girding Procrastination

As previously mentioned, we received an ample sufficiency of snow Thursday. My husband, who was home all day yesterday, did not lay shovel to it. Nor did he, to the best of my knowledge, Christmas shop and since I'm going for guilt here I choose to believe is all he did was sit around in his jammies, listening to NPR and working on his game. Hah! He didn't even buy me champagne; I had to buy my own.

"I don't feel well. I would have phoned in sick if I wasn't already taking the day off." Hah!

aoi_tsuki1 wants snow but apparently not enough to come shovel my driveway. Hah!

Or to quote nokomarie, "Phoo!" and "Gah!" I don't really know what they mean, but they somehow seem appropriate here.

EDIT 8:45: Mission mostly accomplished:
Driveway acceptably cleared -- Check
Car gassed -- Lagniappe
Husband guilted -- Apparent failure

Note: There is apparently no HTML special character for a check mark.

Mood: determinedProcrastinatory!

That's odd. Have you checked wingdings?

For that to work, the viewer would need that font. I guess most folks just use a small check mark gif but I'm too lazy.

Husband guilted -- Apparent failure

It's such a shame when they become immune.

Let it snow!

You are due for such a snowstorm!

This is one area where I actually know the font, because accountants use it regularly in their spreadsheets. Marlett produces a checkmark if you type a lower-case 'a'.

If you are using a Windows platform, Marlett is probably already installed on your computer.

But what if my words, every one a gem, are read by someone with a Mac or on a Palm?

Anyways, this is a test. This is only a test.

I am seeing:

What do you see?

I see the two check-marks in your test.

I am soooo glad I don't have to deal with snow. There are advantages to living in the South....aside from hurricanes that wipe out entire cities and towns.

Good luck with the weather. ^_^

Chicago doesn't really get much snow compared New England. What we get is cold. Oh, sure, it's not as bad as Nebraska or parts of Alaska, but when it's -10 before the wind chill gets factored in and your car is going "grrrr grrr" because the oil is too thick to lubricate, I defy you to take much comfort in that. Fortunately (I'm makin' the bad magic here) we only get a few days like that each winter.

Yeah, this was a bad year for the gulf coast. Every locale has its downside.

Oh, you're right; don't jinx your weather! We said after Katrina, "Well, at least we won't get one that bad again!" And then Rita came. ~_^

No kidding. I remember back in '95, right after Erin whacked us, we all said the exact same thing.

And then Opal sat her fat butt down and made liars out of all of us. BLECH.

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it should be noted that i have yet to do any christmas shopping yet. My plan is to hit it for one hour on Dec 23rd.
As for Snow, no one at work shoveled. It has not beem=n shoveled since the storm a week ago.
The wife has ORDERED me not to do any snow shoveling at the apartment saying that the landlord has people to do that. Last year i hurt my back and force to miss two weeks of work.

Oh wait...i have an idea...of this is good
Save some money...in Feburary, let's have Aoi fly up here and participate in a polar bear club ritual./ Madison has theirs in Feburary. hehehehehehehehehehehehe
That would thicken her blood.

I am SO not going to give you any cookies or hot chocolate when you dig out my driveway. Which, karma says, you will.

But what if we're unlucky and it's 70 in February. No, really, it can happen, back in the late 70s or early 80s we had a just gorgeous weekend. Aoi's blood will then remain thin and puny.

dear ouatic,
due to your sarcastic comments and other forms of humor, you leave me no choice but to add you to my friends list.
this is not a good idea.
Just ask Aoi
However, there are some benifits. You get to keep up with proper Midwest humor with a dash of hillbilly-ism
Now if you will excuse me, i have to go to Shopko and pick up some stuff.
(Aoi does not have a Shopko...hehehehehehehehehehe)

We don't have Shopko here, either...

I'll put up with your hillbillyism if you will put up with my deeply ingrained suburbanism, though I do love rockabilly!