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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

Blame black_lavender and my nosiness.

Since you were so damn curious, you now have to post this in your live journal.

Do an LJ cut using one of these colorful phrases...all yours if the price is right!!

1. Missy got me pregnant.
2. I made love to Missy last night.
3. My boy/girl friend turned out to be gay.
4. I got laid last night.
5. My mom called me a whore.
6. My mom found out I'm pregnant.
7. My girlfriend is pregnant.
8. Tips on giving head
9. Pussy Eating 101
10. My dad found one of my used condoms.
11. My mom found my sex toy collection.
12. I discovered I am gay
13. I found my parent's video porn collection.
14. My dad is really my mom.
15. My sister is really my brother.

My mother did find my empty pill holders. It was great relief to her.

She also called me a bitch to my face. I said, "Like mother, like daughter."

Back to Christmas shopping....


I knew what I was getting into, but clicked Just in case.

Actually, I'm seeking tips.

Pin your hair back first. Nothing worse than a hair in the throat.

And he would bitch. Goddam, your hair swings over your shoulder and it's like he's being swatted by a broom. Men are all whimps.

On with the freaking chapter.

Sounds like very energetic head, if that's the case.

You have longish hair as well? Today, my Mother mentioned that I should get a hair cut since 'girls' my age don't wear their hair so long.

And the menfolk whine, "But, I like your hair long."

Myself am growing out again. Right now it is in a short, bouncy ponytail that would be tres cute on someone half my age and 2/3 my weight but it keeps it off my face. Other days I French braid it.

French braiding - ah, I remember the days when I took such time with my hair (age 15). Mine is down below my shoulders but it's lucky if it gets combed briefly and shoved into the daily ponytail. That being said...perhaps I should cut it shorter since thick, bushy long hair is only nice if you take the time to fix it. I need a straightener.

I have to French braid because my bangs haven't grown out enough to stick in a vanilla braid. Besides, I spend no time on makeup or drying my hair so I figure I have the 5 minutes to braid it.

It's much too cold to walk around up there with wet hair! Make up, hmmm? I think I remember what that stuff is.

lol, damn you...

My parents read my LJ...I wonder which phrase they'd freak out the most to...

it would definately be a bit OOC for me, that's for sure! My poor family will be doing a very strong double-take. I'm not too keen on using vulgar sexual terms like that...

But, in vulgarity there is frequently truth.