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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Welcome to the Boonies!

The plane I flew on yesterday was so dinky they made folks with those ginormousovernight bags check them on the jetway. It was so dinky the jetway couldn't match up to the side of the plane and they had a gangplank to cross between the jetway and the plane.

The pickup parked next to us when we ate lunch had a commercial logo and the legend "Shaman Intuit". I took a picture with my Palm but it didn't come out well enough to make out the writing.

I don't think I mentioned that the Springfield, MO airport also serves Branson... I picked up a few flyers at the service station when we got gas including the Roy Rodgers & Dale Evans Museum which has apparently moved everything to Branson from California. That's just wrong.

40 miles on the interstate and 80 miles on winding roads to get to the house. It was pretty but nothing I'd want to do after dark.

We had a late lunch so we weren't very hungry; nachos, crudites, champagne and fudge for dinner. Yum!

Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Sounds like the trip to my grandparent's house in Idaho. Nothing like spending a few days out in the middle of nowhere, but I can't stand to be away from my high speed internet for very long.

Enjoy your stay!

Ahhh! But they have DSL. The newspaper comes in the mail so my brother and his wife read the news on their PDAs in the AM.

However, my cell won't work here so I'm dependent on my brother (and LJ) to keep in touch with home.

That plane sounds really scary. I give you props for flying in it. lol

'Hope you have fun!

I think the thing held 48 passengers, so it was small by commercial jet standards but still a commercial jet. It's not that I'm particularly brave.

Trigger was Maid Marion's horse in Errol Flynn's Robin Hood. Not that I would wish to go to see his stuffed remains even so.

That's a fair hike from the local airport. Glad to hear they could get their hands on champagne and crudites even so.

Trigger was Maid Marion's horse in Errol Flynn's Robin Hood

Really? I didn't know that...Errol Flynn's Robin Hood is one of Sophie-chan's favorite movies; I'll have to tell her.

Who says LJ isn't educational?

Yeah, and the commentaries on special edition DVDs are educational too. Sometimes they're actually better than the movie.

When I was very small we stopped at their ranch in CA but it was early in the morning and it hadn't opened for the day so I didn't get to see Trigger etc. Just another way I was screwed by my folks.

And did you sulk loudly? I think I would've.

I've been to Branson before, during the summer. Certainly a strange, interesting place. It was like a mini Las Vegas, without so much gambling. And the space and TRAFFIC!!!!....it was like a small town trying to cram in the population of a small city. Definately faster to walk around there. And it's right smack in the middle of the Black Hills, so all of the streets are narrow, twisty, and incredibly steep due to the hills.

Nice place to visit, but I don't think I'd live there.

My brother lives in Arkansas. He came for the fly fishing. He read a story in the Wall Street Journal in January and now they live here.

I don't think we plan to visit but the propaganda is free.

Cham. and fudge for dinner, you lucky female. And Branson itself is just wrong.

I was eatin' (and drinkin') it up.

So as to make you feel even better about it all, I was eating baked chicken and too-salty beef flavored rice. Oh and water, can't forget that.

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