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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
For Spend on Spaceship

Went to Boston last Wednesday and returned Thursday. Aside from getting lost between the airport and the hotel, again!, in the dark, in the pouring rain, the trip went well. The presentation wasn't too boring and my team, considering we are 6 out of about 500 engineers, got a surprising number of positive bullet points.

Received notice the other night that Mrs. Higurashi is a nominee for best comedy in the 3rd quarter of 2005 in the IYFG awards. If the individuals who nommed and seconded me are reading this, thank you for the recognition. Despite various comments I have read on the dubiousness of the honor, I am still flattered. Even though "This is not a popularity contest, but one based on technical and stylistic achievement. " or because of it, I don't expect to win.

A link to the other nominees was provided in the email but it doesn't work. I am curious as to whether A Miko's Instincts is one of the nominees. A couple chapters of that had me, metaphorically speaking, on the floor.

I'm off to Gassville tomorrow for four days of sibling togetherness and stuffing my face. I'm bringing the laptop, the rest of Cheeky Angel plus, some reading of course, so ,worst case, I have a pleasant relaxing time. The spouse, brat and cats will just have to survive without me.

Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Congratulations! If you're looking for a link that works, try this one. And no, it looks like A Miko's Instincts was not nominated for best comedy.


Hope your thanksgiving is a good one. Looks like you are determined to make it so despite, or maybe because of the relatives.

Thanks for the link. I see you were nommed for The Shrine. Congrats and good luck.

I see your trips to Boston go to the EBUL plan! Not my plan, mind you, but some sort of Boston plan that nobody truly understands. Except, possibly, for Michael Dukakais.

Why shouldn't you be nominated for your work? I think you should be mentioned for your efforts on my behalf but I am confused how to mention my editor.

I see I'm up against you and Parody 18...

You know, I don't really do that much on your story. I just provide a second pair of eyes that, hopefully, catches the typos, warns you of contradiictions, and doesn't let you have three different he/hims in one paragraph.

Congrats! I would have thought you'd have known by now, or I'd have mentioned it myself. Have you noticed any increase in hits or reviews since you were nommed? Other than the prospect of winning, general exposure is another fine benefit of the IYFG.

Face-stuffing, ah if only I could limit myself to doing that only on holidays. Enjoy yourself and we'll be looking forward to a nice, fat Thanksgiving post.

I gave A Miko's Instincts a try back when you recced it, and parts of it were really funny. It just got a little too weird for me to continue, though I do think the author would be able to produce a great one-shot.

There was definitely a wide variance in the chapters. I did like the duck and ant youkai.

And thanks for the nom.


It was well-deserved.

And LJ's email notifications are completely wonky today. It's purely hit or miss out here.

testing testing 123

testing testing 123

Re: testing testing 123

another test.

try again

I'm a knucklehead.

Re: try again

What are you doing?

Re: try again

Setting my LJ comments to forward to yahoo instead of my regular email so I could get at them while away. Otherwise my hands would start to shake and I would get a horrible headache before going into convulsions and expiring.

Re: try again

Can't have that! Who would conjugate my verbs for me?!

::Shakes:: Who?!!!

Re: try again

Maybe you could con poor widowed pilgham into it. His English is excellent. You could say, "But ouatic_7 would have wanted it that way, sob."

Re: try again

But then I would have to cook for him and MD too. There would be questions that I couldn't answer, like, 'Who are those extra people in the kitchen?' and, 'They say they want chicken-fried steak, what the hell is that?'

I guess it's OK, but I prefer you alive and feeding these two.