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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

I added a new link, to my My Anime page at ANN.

It lists about 98% of what I've seen with comments on many; not necessarily illuminating comments, but comments.

If you're curious, here's the link again:

Ouatic-7's Anime


I love the satire on magical girl animes. (Taken from your comments regarding Kiyo Kara Maoh)

I notice you don't have Excel Saga listed anywhere. I own all six DVDs, and they were worth every penny. They manage to do a wonderful satire of every genre out there, including magical girl. Ilpallazzo could be Sesshomaru's twin (arrogant hotness!), one of the two lead females dies every five seconds, and the dog Minchi's official title is "Emergency Food Supply".

Actually Excel is listed under "Will not finish". I bought the boxed set because I had heard good things but we could only make it through 2 or 3 episodes.

I see. If you only watched a couple of episodes at the beginning, you might want to give the series another chance. It does get better. If nothing else, watch the 'Puny Love' episode. It's the funniest, in my opinion.

Then again, all of this could just be my love for slapstick rearing its ugly head. Cultured, I am not.

Which number is "Puny Love".

I never claimed to be anything other than a Philistine.

My DVDs aren't labeled, so I'd have to dig through them to find out which episode it was. I'm pretty sure it's on the second DVD, though - it was fairly early in the show.

Hail, Il Palazzo!

Mmm. Tenchi and Friends Special: Pretty Sammy; the Magical Girl. Much ears, eyes and nose bleedage.

I'll make a note: "Do not watch 'Pretty Sammy the Magical Girl'."

But it's funny!

On track at last for current chapter, by the way. Coming fairly easily, but this 11-7 work stuff is hard to fight against. Draining, in other words.

Exel Saga is ridiculous but if you watch it with the joke explanation function on it can be quite an eye-opener. And the girls-only episode is painfully funny. That is pretty far into the series. Don't bother with the dubbed version, 'taint worth it.

And you did not even touch Dragon Half. For shame; there are only two parts to it, subtitled, on VHS. It is terribly funny and features the single best closing theme song in anime. No-one has ever figured out why this thing was never continued as the manga did quite well.

I'll look into Dragon Half and give Excel another shot.

Good::Cracks whip::

I have Dragon Half as well (dubbed version). I wish it had been continued, it was hilarious.

All of my anime is dubbed, with the exception of the Lum DVDs. Sub-titles give me a headache.

I'm all subtitles all the time, except whenI'm not. Withh a decent dub, I may watch in English with the subtitles on. This is only worthwhile if the subs are not direct translations of the English. I watched YYH that way.

Spent most of my time there looking at the Inuyasha movie info. *hides in corner and tries to ignore new and tempting time wasters*

I think the movie about the swords is the best of the lot. The latest was pretty darn awful.

Went straight into shutdown mode with movie #4. An obvious attempt to milk the cash cow if I ever saw one.

Really, I'd heard it was about the same as the others - and, yes, Swords was terrific.

Jaken rocked, jumping between Rin and enormous beasties.

Mega-nerd that I am, I've watched the movie several times. I don't recall that scene, unless you mean the one where he jumped in front of that ugly cur, Inuyahsa (when possessed by Souunga).

You must have watched it before converting to Jakenism, though it is just one scene.

I'll have to find it and do a screen capture. I don't have a Jaken icon, yet, except the drooly one.

It's movie night for my spouse and I - am tempted to just sit and watch Movie 3 or some other DVD around the house since we've had a string of bounced checks the last few days! (unbelievably, not my fault) I feel so poor.

Yep, I suppose Sesshoumaru's bishiness had my eye during the entire movie -I have watched it post-Jakenluv, I think.

You were right. Jaken was defending against Inuyasha which is really more heroic if you think about it because Inuyasha's much stronger than those other demons.

We will watch Earl (American TV!) Bleach and probably an episode of something else but I don't know what.

Oh love the clip! Jaken certainly looks heroic preparing to defend.

We ended up going to the movies - was dragged into Jarhead.

A. How as "Jarhead"?

B. Do youthink the icon needs some text? If so, what? I was thinking something along the lines of "Heroes come in all sizes." or "Even a minion can be a hero." But neither of those is exactly right.

A: Jarhead was entertaining and started off great - I loved all the abuse. It ended lamely, however, with a funeral and a little speech saying basically, 'once a marine, always a marine...' which was meant to add meaning and closure. Could have done without that.

B: I like your text ideas, nothing wrong with them - 'Heroes come in all sizes' is just so cute. I'm at a loss for more 'something to protect' (ha) or 'Master Jaken, you're so dashing' (haha).