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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Ouvre or Incompatible

I thought I made a post yesterday evening, a long involved deal about how I got two emails within 24 hours from MediaMiner authors begging me to review their epilogues and wondering if this was a new trend. It wasn't the wittiest post so I wasn't too surprised there were no comments.

I'm surprised now. Somewhere in the process, either my client or LJ decided the post didn't deserve to see the light of day so I was saved.

Mood: relievedrelieved

That's the problem - not knowing if they want to hear the truth. I have to be very comfortable with knowing the person can take concrit before I'll give it.

You know me, blunt as a butter knife, but it wasn't like she was going to edit the last three chapters down to one based on my say so.