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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Ouvre or Incompatible

I thought I made a post yesterday evening, a long involved deal about how I got two emails within 24 hours from MediaMiner authors begging me to review their epilogues and wondering if this was a new trend. It wasn't the wittiest post so I wasn't too surprised there were no comments.

I'm surprised now. Somewhere in the process, either my client or LJ decided the post didn't deserve to see the light of day so I was saved.

Mood: relievedrelieved

But you were asked. That's the thing.

You'd think these people were sick of "Good job" reviews or something.

Then say something equivocal.

I could say, "hmm, very, very."

Nice. But I think you might want to throw in an exclamation point in there somewhere. To save hurt feelings, ya know.

LJ ate my post the other day, too. I decided my journal must have reached it's 'ridiculous' level and triggered something deep within the bowels of LJ's code. A self-defense mechanism, so to speak.

Requests for reviews always unnerve me. So many times, the reason there are no reviews is because the fic is unreadable. Then I am left debating whether to bluntly honest, or to just ignore the request.

One request was from a guy I had corresponded with pretty heavily and reviewed several chapters. I hadn't reviewed the epilogue because it was not up to par. Not bad, just dull. I said:

Greedy! I haven't noticed any of my pieces getting reviewed by you!

but gave him some sugar. He did go review some stuff but is a glutton for punishment and wants something longer.

The other person wrote a kick ass last chapter, then followed it up with 3 or 4 really too detailed descriptions of how they all lived happily ever after. Again, not bad, but dull. As far as she knew, I'd only reviewed the one chapter and I didn't think she wanted to hear the truth so I ignored that one.

That's the problem - not knowing if they want to hear the truth. I have to be very comfortable with knowing the person can take concrit before I'll give it.

You know me, blunt as a butter knife, but it wasn't like she was going to edit the last three chapters down to one based on my say so.

I'm always of the opinon bluntness is better for the person in the long run. I, sadly, still need to learn this. I have the tendency to be to subtle in my criticism.

Still, it's always annoying when you get some kid complaining because he's not getting enough reviews. Why can't people be content with what they have? Now, if it's always something of the variety of, 'U rock! Update soon Plz' I can understand that. I'd personally think the story wasn't all that good if that was the only comment I was getting or I see it getting. Means I'm not attracting the intelligent reviewer.

Sigh, I really hope its not a trend though, like the every so popular one of, I"m not reviewing until I get 20 reviews!!! Bleh.