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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Plot Bunny: Sousuke and Kagome

I don't think I have ever seen a crossover between Inuyasha and Full Metal Panic but if you think about it, Sousuke and Inuyasha have remarkably similar backgrounds, especially considering Sousuke is from the present and entirely human. As a result, both have to learn to fit in with other people. Kagome is nicer than Kaname but just as short tempered.

What I envision is that everyone but Kagome is killed in the final battle with Naraku. She recovers the jewel, Tenseiga, Tessaiga, and Toukijin (can't leave a sword like that just lying around for anyone to pick  up). Toukijin is purified to the best of Kagome's ability. Now that she can study, she becomes a doctor or medic and somehow ends up in Mithril on the Tuatha da Danaan. The only think she should have to worry about is human enemies, right? But she never knew about the sea youkai who, of course, become attracted by the jewel. We are talking giant krakeny things here (oooh! but with a human form).

Meanwhile, Sousuke's relationship with Kaname has somehow come to a sad ending; maybe she was hit by a car (sorry, I really don't care for Kaname) or Mithril killed her to keep her out of the hands of the baddies, thus, leaving Sousuke feeling all guilt ridden.

Are there any animes or manga with giant robots fighting youkai? How would a transformed Tessaiga compare to one of those ginormous Bowie knife thingies the Arm Slaves carry? Would Tesseiga recognize Sousuke in the Arbalest (that's the Black Technology superdy duperdy AS, right?) as half human, half demon and transform?

We get action fighting the youkai. We get angst out the wazoo. All leading up to a somewhat upbeat ending with Sousuke and Kagome riding off in to the sunset.

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