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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Geochemistry on Goldeneye Also

I was playing with the LJ school info stuff this morning and I discovered that I could have attended Nepture HS in Neptune Ca. This led me to Sunnydale CA where I could have attended one of two high schools and/or UC Sunnydale.

So, what about New York? I could also claim to have attended Xavier's School for the Gifted. In Massachusetts, there is Miskatonic University. Of course, I know that's a real school 'cuz my brat has a baseball shirt from there.

Let us not forget Scotland and Hogwarts. I had a bit of difficulty finding it because I thought it was near the border.

I want to put all of these schools on my LJ resume, whether I am interested in that fandom or no. The goal would just be quantity.

Let's start with Sarayashiki JHS, I think. Alas, my total ignorance of kanji made the Japanese school lists impenetrable. I was able to select Tokyo Prefecture but it was downhill from there.

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Yes, but I have the school joyo kanji study lists.

I'm also a wicked witch, but that's beside the point.

What's a school joyo kanji study list?

My mother would say she was a wicked witch. She would tell my friends this and that she had eyes in the back of her head. They mostly didn't believe her but there was that little shred of doubt that kept them in line.

I was evil enough to make all the kids who stayed overnight help re-stack the wood. The rack had been unsteady when the kids first loaded it. These last couple of days of rain did it in and it fell over.

That was a lot of wood chucking. Very witchy of me.

The Joyo Kanji lists are the 1006 essential characters that Japanese children are expected to learn before they graduate high school. They are set by the government.

It at least assures the students will be able read a newspaper and fill out job applications. First grade learns a set list of 80 characters by the end of the year and so on. That's how Kagome can keep up with her homework as all students in public school are taught pretty much the same thing at the same time. My giant Japanese-English dictionary has them in its appendices.

Very rule-bound folk, the Japanese.

They've got some nifty stuff. And I'd like to see the castles and what not but I have no desire to live in Japan. Just taking out the garbage is a major undertaking, or so I understand.

And then there is a Clown Arts degree.


Nothing like Clown college to flesh out a resume.

But that's a real school. WHere's the fun in that other than everyone, including me, is scared of clowns?