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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Something Nifty

I saw this this morning and thought it was pretty cool. I tried it out with a couple of authors that I like a lot and adding the books is pretty easy.

pilgham tried it out as well and Amazon connected him up to a book he wanted and thought was out of print so it might be a little pricey in the long run.

If you are interested in what I read besides manga, my username is Ouatic7.

Also, today is my birthday. Buddha was the only family member to wish me happy birrthday without prompting.

I said to my husband, "They took me to lunch," but that wasn't enough of a hint. To be fair, he is very good at dates, Valentine's, our anniversary, etc and knew darn well today is my birthday but the synapses just weren't sparking at that moment.


Thanks for pointing out the librarything! I've been wanting a way to keep track of what I read. Now to play with it...

Oh, and happy birthday!

That site looks so cool - I've bookmarked it to check it out later. I used to write down in my journal the names and authors of the books I was reading, but I've fallen out of the habit. I wish I hadn't, because I want to recommend that book to someone later and can't remember the title or the author.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Ouatic, I miss my own children's birthdays, let alone my mother's or my own. You are in the best of company.

If you want, I'll send you something totally Cape Coddy. We really do know the people around here and can pick out something actually made on the spot. For instance, I can send a bracelet with shells I picked up off the beach myself.

I love jewelry but I never wear anything but earrings any more. If you can magically convert seashells to earrings, I would wear them everywhere.

(of course once we finish divvying up my mother's stuff I'll need to find somewhere to wear the pretties.)

I don't care for jewelry myself, so that's to be valued and totted off against the estate for my sister. Must e-mail address, earrings shall follow forthwith.

Well a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

I know that turning age 27 (again) is a big deal.

Our anniversary is two days after Valentines. It was a nifty time of year for a wedding. Also nifty since I rarely forget the date.

Interesting link as a birthday present. I thought about writing you a Jaken/Bankotsu pairing, but thought you might like this better due to your interest in greek myth.

I care not for the yaoi. I would much rather have Jaken/Sango, but Archimedes/MIT was best.

Ha, that's funny, I was about to write Jaken/Sango there but put Bankotsu since it seemed so far fetched. (it's possible that there is already a Jaken/Sango out there, after all)

I'm glad you enjoyed the link!

Actually, not that I think on it, Mrs. Higurashi/Jaken would be good, too. and poor Mrs. Higurashi hardly ever gets anything besides filial love.

I think you might be able to pull that one off. Heh.

Sweet! Archimedes rocked!

Happy to please!

Happy Brithday! Er...almost belatedly, Heh.

I have this tendency to forget everyone's birthday and constantly need to be reminded to call on my siblings. Sadly though, I'm the only one in the fam who can actually remember what year each of us was born...

I don't know the years for my brothers. I just calculate their ages based on mine. I do know the dates though.

Happy belated birthday :)

And I gotta try that site out! *goes to do so*

Happy belated birthday.

On LT, we now have books in common. I read The Wee Free Men for a book group, and it was too much fun. Discworld runs a bit OTT for me, but that book was just right.

Actually I own "Wee Free Men" but never finished it. "Carpe Jugulum" is another one I never finished. MD and I really enjoyed "A Monstrous Regiment", though.