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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
I Would Have Preferred a Bishy

This morning, while I was dressing, mostly in the dark because pilgham was still asleep, Boo was rummaging in my shoes, the sneakers I wear everyday. He was sticking his limb all the way in and scrabbling around. I thought I saw something, a piece of paper maybe come flying out and it certainly got his attention but I couldn't find anything when I went to look. Later Boo had an innersole as prey so I figured he just had a shoe fetish today.

I don't want any jokes about the way my feet smell. Boo likes it and he's the one that matters.

Get home this evening and Evil is on the bed looking fixedly, in that cat way, at something on the floor. The something was a mostly dead mouse. I am a bad person. I couldn't think of a humane or inhumane way for that matter to put it out of its misery so I just took it to the trash.

Aside from feeling guilty about that I'm also fretting about where it came from, I'm hoping Boo brought it up from the basement, wondering how many more there are and glad I didn't find it in the bed (another cat used to leave me her leftover cricket bits on my pillow).

Mood: uncomfortableEwwww!
Tune: "Peter Gunn" by Mancini, Henry

Is my LJ the only one mice-free at this point? You guys need better traps.

I think our "traps" are working fine except they didn't properly dispose of the remains.

This was our first sign of a mouse.

I wonder how Nokomarie's new mouse is doing.

We are mice-free. Huge palmetto bugs, however, have been spotted meandering across our floor at odd hours of the night. Ah, Florida...

I'd rather have mice than insects any day but I'm hoping it was a one time occurrence.

That's a mighty fancy name for such a hideous creature! I'm so afraid of those big ones. Our new cat has been leaving dead roaches on the door step. I have to say it would be a toss up as to which is more disgusting - mice offerings or roach offerings.

Like I said, bugs, to me, are much more disgusting. That's why when we had a snake, we had one that ate fish. I didn't want to handle the damn crickets or have them escape.

Crickets are cute as bugs go, making nice noises and all that, but I prefer them outside as well. The chilly weather just hit us here (50s) so I'll have to watch for invading bugs intent on spending the winter inside.

Cats are so generous - how nice of that other cat to conveniently leave his offerings on your pillow. Mine used to regularly offer up his catch onto our front doorstep, usually some unsuspecting sparrow or field mouse.

I don't know about generous. I think all I got were the cricket's legs and, I imagine, eating a cricket leg is fairly reminiscent of chewing toenails.

This happened when I was out dating so it may have been some sort of complaint, "If you'd come home at a decent hour I would have given you a choicer chunk."

Mine tend to bring prey home yelling a song of triumph at the top of their lungs. Much easier to head them off at the back door that way. I surely do hope the thing wasn't in your shoes, what if another showed up?

I didn't notice anything when I put them on this morning.

I wish I could convince myself that Boo brought it in from outside but our cats are indoor cats.

Evil sits on the 2nd floor landing with her trophy mewing about how no one loves her because no one has come to admire whatever the heck she has hauled up from the basement at 2 AM. Once someone goes out and says, "Evil, that is a fine wrist weight, glove, rubber whatsit," she shuts up. Fortunately, I sleep in ear plugs so this is not usually one of my duties.


Well, she wouldn't be "evil" if she didn't wake you up at 2 a.m. from time to time!

This reminds me of a time that one of my cats presented me with a "gift".

She's an excellent mouser, and she came into the house one evening, running straight to my feet, and plopped a mouse in front of me.

I thought the thing was dead.

Turned out it was only stunned. She had taken the great care to not injure it so that I could partake in the "thrill" of the kill and having the absolute freshest of mouse meat.

It's flattering that she loved me so much to be so thoughtful.

It wasn't flattering that this poor mouse promtly woke up and started running around all over the house! It took both my husband and I to catch this thing, turning over all sorts of furniture and that.

After such a close brush with death, I couldn't kill the thing, so I let it go. Lilly (the cat) probably found it again and killed it later.

Poor Lilly was crushed by my "rejection" of this so-called "gift". She avoided me for days after that, and has never brought me a mouse again. I actually feel bad for hurting a cat's feelings, lol, but WOW...

You should feel bad, rejecting your poor kitty's offering like that. SHe was trying to contribute to the household and you crushed her like a dog.

Have you ever seen Bolywood movies? Many of them are devontional. That is the only way I can comfortably explain my cat Baby.

There was a bird in the house and it hung, exhausted on our drapery folds while I opened up the door.

We had been away at a store and did not think. So we opened the doors, you know, and let Baby in.

She was good; she took the bird in one bite and I didn't even see her coming. It was a perfect kill. There was one cheap, that was it.

Were we happy?


Did we compliment her? Of course.

Such good parents...

Not that I hope you ever have to deal with another mouse again, but if you do find one that's hanging between life and death, one humane way is to grasp it by the scruff of its neck with one hand, and tug sharply on its tail with the other hand. This will break its neck, killing the poor thing instantly.

On another note, I loved the comment about Evil waking the family up at 2 am. My old roomate used to have a cat that loved batting my face at 4-6 am because she wanted to be petted (and sometimes she wanted food as well). Heh, I used to roll over, and she'd just change positions and continue batting at me.

The joys of owning pets...

Boo is my alarm. He usually starts agitating for affection about 4:30, 4:45. Our cats are fed in the afternoon so I know it's not food he wants. He either wakes me by deciding I am in desperate need of exfoliation or shoving a paw in my eye. He seems to have noticed that that invariably leads to an open eye.

We wouldn't have them any other way, except at 2AM.

Lol, gotta love the cats. And yeah, I changed their feeding time to midnight when I realized my roomate (and the real owner) wasn't going to be around long enough to feed them on a daily basis. So, they changed their attention seeking ways to 6 am. Much better ^_^

Re offing the mouse: We had much discussion of this at the office this morning...

I will keep your tip in mind while hoping it will be useless knowledge.

I like to think its useless knowledge. But, you never can tell. Maybe someelse will have the same problem and you can pass it on to them ^_~

Shall also file that away into useless garbage. I used to just swiftly cut their heads of. Sure fire, no survivors but all that mousy blood.

So is that what happened to the one your daughter brought home the other day?



Somebody (not me) dropped it and it got the staggers and died. Some kind of traumatic head injury rodents are prone to. I was sort of hoping no one would pick up on it. Fig'gers you would.

Tiresome. Your work mates must find you a hoot.