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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Now I am a Man!


The following review has been submitted to: Sauce for the Gander Chapter: 1

From: SwedishMetalRulez ()

this sux

My first ever "this sux"! WooHoo!


Shall we throw a coming-out party?

Of course, there's no death threat attached to the flame. That takes some of the joy out of it.

Damn! You're right. Now I'm sad that this critic just didn't care that much.

It's a badge of honor. You should print it out and frame it.

And I didn't even pair up Rin and Jaken.

You are correct, you didn't really deserve that flame.

Hope you aren't too disappointed to hear that.

I'm just glad I got a review. Quite a few fics in the Greek Mythology section have unpopped cherries.

I'm certain that yours will continue to get more reviews.

Well, I hope the flamers put a little more effort into it! Jeez! Talk about lazy!

Kids these days.

At least you have this going for you. In two words, your flamer managed to misspell sucks ^_^ That means he/she's incompetent AND lazy!!!

You win, but next time, do better ^_~ And now, I must go read said chapter just to see WHY you got flamed. Heh. So far behind in reading...

Struck dumb, huh?

Well, it's a start, but you have no proof that this person was able to read the chapter. I'd just print it out and hang it on my fridge if I were you.

Maybe outline it in glitter.

Posted on my fridge it will be lost in the morass of other important documents such as my first real estate tax bill attractively highlighted with, as you say, glitter.

Bathroom door maybe? It's an often neglected area that just cries out for decoration.