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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Continuum Nose

So my husband is going to get an LJ. He has a blog he hasn't been keeping up. I think what made him decide to switch is his old friend karenb2 looking me up.

So he had a great idea for a user name, a made up word, which I have forgotten, from some John Bellairs book but it was already taken. So then he decided to combine xeno and fanatic and came up with xenatic. My Googling that determined that all extant Xenatics were Xena otaku so that went away. Now he's looking at Jack Vance for inspiration.

In the meantime, I discovered there exists an ouatic. I assume that person got ouatic from the same place I did but nothing is to be known about this person as the user has no postes or interests. I will say, I've actually had my LJ 2 months longer than ouatic.

The next challenge for imagine_ink is an AU. Old SF fan here so very enthused but having difficulty coming up with an idea. So far have rejected:

  1. Zero never invented

  2. L. Ron Hubbard was so successful he never invented Scientology

  3. Paul, or whatever his name will be, suggested that the atomic bomb did ignite the atmosphere, but in a funny way

  4. MD suggested civilzation never arose so we are all hunter gatherers


Yes, I ran across ouatic the other once while trying to make an lj=user post. Very mysterious person. Good luck to Paul finding an good name.

Those AUs are fun. No Christianity, Germany won the war, electricity never harnessed, things like that. Hee-yuck!

There's boatloads of ideas but they all seem too big for me to handle in ~1000 words. I guess the key is to boil it down to its effect on one person's daily life.

Some SF writers imply all sorts of cool things in throwaway lines. Future, AU, they all let you do that if you wanted to.

Paul on LJ . . gosh.

Re: Paul on LJ.

He's a bit unclear on the concept. I posted about that mouse and instead of commenting he trotted upstairs to say, "You didn't tell me about the mouse!" (I was actually trying to keep it from MD for she is a sensitive child, despite her planned comic, "Pretty Hatchet Maid")

I have no ideas to speak of, Comrad.

That's so 50s.

How about if Johnny Canal had been more successful in promoting his ideas.

I went with Pilgham. It's too long to explain, but (oh, OK, Star King, by Jack Vance, DAW paperback edition, Sept 78, pages 43 to 44, intro to chapter 4.)

My original idea (which wasn't an original idea, as it happens) was "necreavit" which appears in Bellairs' book Face In the Frost. It's a bit of nonsense written on a window-sill.