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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Plot Bunny: Kuwabara and Yukina

As I mentioned here, I think Yukina might find the whole idea of sex, particularly between a male and a female, squicky. It might take both love and therapy to conquer all. It doesn't help that Kuwabara is about twice Yukina's size.

I don't think they would wait for their wedding night to experiment because Yukina would want to prove to herself she could be a "real" wife. However, they might wait for their wedding night for intercourse.

"Wedding Night Jitters" could be a cute PWP with Yukina getting a little apprehensive but wanting to please Kuwabara and Kuwabara not wanting to pressure Yukina to do anything she's not ready for; maybe acting a bit goofy to help Yukina relax.

Kuwabara's such a knight errant, he would marry her regardless, of course.

Mood: cynicalcynical