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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
All is Right with My World ...

...milk in my tea.

And the day off.

And a new Wallace and Gromit movie.

But first to turn my scribblings from MD's violin lessons (it's the only time my face doesn't get sucked thus explaining my low output) into my piece for imagine_ink which is due today. I carefully haven't looked at anybody else's works so who knows whether I'm on the right track? I have absolutly no ideas about the "home" piece for next week.


I like Wallace and Gromit but Weslydale cheese tastes like wax.

I was going to make a snarky comment about removing the wax coating before eating but I wanted to make sure that Wensleydale actually came waxed. That lead me to this page: Wensleydale Creamery. I found that "real" Wensleydale is in fact sealed in white wax and you can buy ''Wallace and Gromit's Wensleydale", "Children have sensitive taste buds, and they will love this delicious cheese in
preference to strong, acidic varieties." It sounds like Wensleydale is supposed to taste like wax. I guess that is appropriate for characters made of plasticine.

I wouldn't know. I only eat cheese in or on other dishes.

That explains a lot but still begs the question why. I found the cheese, with Wallace and Grommit on the wrapper a couple of years ago. Since I am very fond of cheese and have tasted many types I was quite prepared to sit down with the two and snack with them.

It was awful. I later found out that the cheese company had been on the verge of going under when the show came out and that they had reformed the company off of royalties for the use of the name. (The name was used because it rolled so off of the tongue, not its taste. The writer admitted to never having tasted it.) Could this then, be the original cheese that had the company going belly-up when the show came out?

God nows, it certainly was awful. I trust their other products are better.

I don't know. Doesn't Pinky also sing about Wensleydale?

Don't know. We jettisoned cable so many years ago it's not even funny.

I have it on CD.

How was the Wallace and Gromit movie?

They didn't have enough laughs for a feature. It had its moments but was definitely the least of the series.

Sounds like more of a rental in that case.

I've been missing LJ lately.

And LJ has been missing you.

Yeah, I love Wallace and Gromit but it's a rental.

Been doing lots of family things of late, and am battling sinus so my snark has no bark. How about yourself?

Reading fics, watching anime with my spouse and trying not to cough when my cat is in my lap.

Nothing exciting.

My body has been busy thinking of new illnesses to acquire.

I just hate when that happens.