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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Off to See My Entrails!

I am touring my entrails tomorrow. As a side effect of the preparatory regimen, I am having a fairly awful evening. Plainly, it could be much worse but tell that to my ass.

I'd like to go to bed but I'm scared to.

Mood: crappycrappy

Been on water and jello all day, eh.

I was never the biggest jello fan but I am definitely jelloed out.

Someone I know well went through the same/similar procedure last week. He said it was not so bad, so I hope yours will not be uncomfortable either.

*sending well wishes your way*

The prep is supposed to be the worst.

You'll have to let us know.

Maybe you will be lucky and they will give you color photos. My Dad got some.

Paul hooked up some of our photos on SmugMug to GoogleEarth. Somebody at the office suggested he do that with these pics, as well.

You should! And be sure to include a phone number! Just make sure it is the one for your proctologist.

Wishing you the best...and begging you not to post the photos.

You're sure you don't want to see the photos?