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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Like Snails on Fire!

It suddenly occurred to MD that she and Paul were supposed to go see The Sorcerer, perfomed by the local Savoy-Aires, this evening.

Paul had forgotten as well. He quickly checked curtain time and asked if he could get to the venue in 30 minurtes?

I said, "40 may be 45."

"For you maybe," Paul said and they just lit out of here like something going very quickly through the dark, a bat maybe as bats, being insectivores, tend to zig-zag and so does my husband.

This leaves me home all by myself! Woohoo! Time to call the bishies!

Mood: chipperchipper
Tune: "Mugiwara no Jolly Roger" by One Piece

I hope that you saw fit to behave yourself, girlie!

p.s. did any bishies show?

All the ones I called. A most excellent time was had by all.

You mean that you have more than one bishie on call? I'm impressed.

It's not a party with just one bishie.