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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Serenity: OMG! They killed ...

Actually I ain't sayin'.

MD and I saw Serenity yesterday afternoon. I watched the series on telly and have seen all episodes on DVD. MD was just vaguely acquainted with the show. We came away equally (very) satisfied. Joss (I can call him Joss, you know, because he will never know that I am being overly familiar), did a great job of explaining back story to newbies without boring existing fans.

I had been wondering how Simon had gotten River out of the place she was being held.

The fight sequences actually looked like the stars were performing them rather than stunt guys; not a lot of back of the head shots. The dialog was spritely. Jayne was just so Jayne, but he and many of the other crew didn't really get much focus. River kicked so much ass she needed new shoes.

And yes, more than one series regular was killed off.

Also, Joss wasn't afraid to have the characters look like shit with bags under their eyes, greasy hair, etc. when appropriate. River weeps, for good reason, and doesn't look at all attractive doing it. However, Joss was kind enough to omit the snot.

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You mean all those other stars DON'T really look that nice while sobbing?

It's not just the sobbing. In one scene, Mal apparently has a broken blood vessel in his eye which certainly distressed me.