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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
That Damn Candy Meme and MD is Pregnant?

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
ouatic_7 goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as Bad Computer Fairy.
alf_b tricks you! You get a rock.
aoi_tsuki1 gives you 5 white orange-flavoured gummy bats.
black_lavender gives you 15 blue strawberry-flavoured gumdrops.
camwyn tricks you! You get a wet rag.
nelson_bannaba gives you 15 white licorice-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
nokomarie tricks you! You get a block of wood.
parsnip_chan tricks you! You lose 17 pieces of candy!
somnambulicious tricks you! You lose 17 pieces of candy!
ouatic_7 ends up with 1 pieces of candy, a rock, a wet rag, and a block of wood.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

Hey! Lavender and Nokomarie gave me back what I gave them! Is regifting Halloween candy really a good idea?

MD came in the other night snarking about a character referred to as a "loiness".

MD: From now on, that will be my word for slut.

O-7: No one will understand you.

MD: No one does now.

O-7: It is sad and not what a teenager wants to hear but your parents do understand you.

MD: No you don't...You don't know I'm pregnant!

O-7: ...

MD: By a demon!

O-7: Which one?

MD: One of those waspy ones. I'm full of larvae.

O-7: You seem awfully cheerful about it.

MD: It's the endorphins. It's shooting me full of endorphins.

Mood: sicksick

Boy, even Charlie Brown had a better Halloween haul than you got.

I think re-gifting Halloween candy is an awesome idea. Now I know what to do with all of those 'Bit o' Honey' things I hate so much.

Congratulations on your impending grandmotherhood. What shall I give as a baby present for the little larvae?

I actually like Bit o' Honey. The brat made a giant (like 2' long) model in art a while back and it is at the office held up by 2 white arms I pulled out of someone's trash.

Raid would be a good baby present.

Do you mean the ones that will take your teeth out if you can even get the wrappers off? People think they will take your fillings out. T'aint so, I only have one filling (look, after 40, that's reason for pride) Bits'o Honey make me nervous; they are to be sucked, not chewed.

MD sounds like she's got quite a sense of humor! Waspy larvae - um, gross.
(and that's coming from someone who combines Jaken & sex, which is not gross, btw)

Licorice flavored gum - BLECH!!! Yep, grossed out again. No wonder I gave it away. It was funny, when I did it before, it claimed that everyone 'tricked' me and gave me frogs and wet rags and such. Oh wait, some people on your list tricked you as well. Hm. Greedy bastards.

I'm dreading when the kids get old enough to find out about the stopped up wasp nest in front of the house....

Oh I thought you had older kids? Well, pretty soon you have many little wasps of your very own.

Why couldn't she have said, "I'm having Sesshomaru's baby" or something like that?

Or better yet, "I'm having Jaken's baby?"

Your icon is funny. I want my Jaken/Kag now please!

Yes, I should have considered that as a possibility considering Jaken's unmatched virility. (we are likely making Ouatic 7's eyebrow twitch at the moment)

I cannot give you Jaken/Kag, for Ouatic has already warned me to 'keep that slug Kagome away from my Jaken'. Her words.

*friends you, 'cause anyone who asks for Jaken/Kag has got to be as big an alt-pairing infidel as I am*

Yes, just jump right up on that Nelson Bannnaba fan wagon! No squee-ing please.

Just kidding, you can squee.

Oh all right. I am awfully glad that you've friended me. I need more friends! And Jaken deserves more fans.

'keep that slug Kagome away from my Jaken'.

Now Ouatic, don't be so greedy. You can't have him all to yourself. He's a 'imp of the world'.

Oops, did I type 'slug'? She said 'slut'.

Heh, both were funny.

I'd prefer an imp to a myriad of wasplings but MD says if she survives the birth she will knit them tiny baby garments.

Of course, this will require that she learn how to knit.

Can you throttle larva with knitting?

Only with cobweb grade yarn.

Still trying to make sure things are posted right. WTF!

I looked at what you posted and noticed two typos; one I had caught and one I had missed.

Nobunaga is misspelled in the prologue and the lamp was "braking". Sorry about missing braking.

Oh, this is in answer to your question about the other journal, it's drago_mi_je. For some reason, thought I'd told you about that one when I discovered a meme on your account which had been gacked from it(due to the stuff I'd added at end of meme).

However, this journal seems to be much more fun. I can indulge my love of Jaken and people will actually resond (strangely enough)! And of course I don't make fun of Jaken on the other, you silly goose. Jaken is ma MAN. I still try to keep up with my other friends' list on drag, but other than participation in monkslash com (and I'm not really int. in slash, what's wrong with me?), It's really kind of dull. My other fic is boring as well. Jaken is the only exciting thing in my life right now. ;)

Oh and I have a Czech community that I really love there, but it hasn't been active of late. *sigh*