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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Great Balls of Frozen Water!

No Katrina or Rita, fortunately for us, but we just had a downpour with half inch hail stones. I was glad to be home at my 'puter instead of driving in it, though after my second story office started to shake I did go down to the garage to look out at the weather.

Did I mention there was only one ginormous drop?

My husband just walked in so the big knucklehead must have been driving in it!

Mood: surprisedAmazed

Poor husband. I've driven in an ice storm (not quite the same as hail), and it's dreadful going. I imagine it'd be twice as bad with hail. Hopefully the car is all in one piece and your husband wasn't to shaken up over it =p

He did have the sense to pull off to the side of the road.

Oh good. He's one of the sensible ones =p

I've only been in one hail storm, and that was horribly frightening. I was sure the glass on my windshield was going to shatter at any moment. I'm glad your husband's okay.

Been quite a few hailstorms. They are usually quite brief.

Nothing like standing around minding your own business and having what feels like a sudden shower of gravel go plinking off your head.