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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

Paul drove me over to the office at about 8:30 this morning. I commanded him to stay and kibbitz and he did not demur, though he did say, "It's not that flat. Why don't you just drive carefully to Just Tires." But, no, I had to do it the right way.

I have changed a tire once. It was in my 3rd week at a new job and I was on my way to work wearing very light khaki trousers. I did manage to do the thing without turning my pants black. The only other time I needed a tire changed, a kindly passing Fed Ex man did it for me.

Went through the glove box and found the tire warranties from when I got new tires 2 years ago and asked Paul to go through those while I did the grunt work. He determined the warranty, naturally, did not cover punctures. Meanwhile I got the manual and dug out the bits and pieces. As usual, no chocks. Maybe I should buy some for the cars because, you know, I am paranoid.

Was relieved to find pressure in the spare. I'd never actually seen the thing before so there was no telling. Paul had to dewedge the jack for me.

He went to loosen the nuts and found he had to jump on the wrench to get them to move. Paul weighs in excess of 250lbs. Some of them he had to bounce on quite a bit to get the things to move. I worried he would break the nuts, though 4 would probably work for a brief time.

Determined where to place the jack then determined I had no jack handle. Paul went to dig his out jack which would have worked fine except by the time he had the contents of his trunk strewn over the parking lot, I found my jack handle. It did work a treat. I raised the car no problem and removed the nuts.

We couldn't get the fucking wheel off. WIth two of us pulling on the damned thing it would not budge. I surmise that the nuts were on so tight that the wheel got jammed on..

Reversed the procedure and I drove slowly and carefully to Just Tires who patched the tire and changed the oil in like half an hour.

I will say, we couldn't have had a nicer day to be crawling around on the pavement under the car, sunny but not hot.

Mood: relievedrelieved

That experience sounded almost sexual. All that grunting, bouncing, losening of nuts and trying to get things off. I could go on...

All that worry over a hole in rubber...

And Paul had to jump on the wench. Oh wait, that was wrench.

But a typo that made all the difference.

I like Mugen, btw.

Who doesn't? But Jin is cool in his own way.

I used to like Jin (and he is cool) but then I read something with Mugen in it. I guess that's the power of the written word.

But really, Fuu is the most awesome. Those guys could kill her like squashing a bug yet she manages to coerce them into doing her bidding.

I don't usually read Samurai Champloo fics because a lot of them tend to be MxJ and that just doesn't interest me.

Heh, Fuu is adorable, that little manipulative bitch. Kind of reminds me of my daughter. And my step-daughter.

As for fanfiction, that Samurai Champloo fic was likely the last new one I have read in the past few months. I feel vaguely guilty for that (not that reading fanfics can be considered 'wise' time usage) since I always thought it was a good idea to read ff if you are writing ff.

(I think the author was 'Denipie', who I was intrigued by because she had also written a Kagome/Ginta pairing that was actually quite good.)

Ugh. I gravitated towards the computer and the mindlessnes that is el-jay this morning since I didn't get enough sleep. I can't be productive without sleep. Spouse kept me up till 3am and then the kids got up early. bleh. Glad to see someone else is on.

I get up at 5AM most days. Sunday is my "do the week's laundry and catch up to Tivo" day. Unfortunately, MD got up fairly bright and early and started in on her chem so I had to turn off the telly before I was all caught up.

How old are your girls?

I'm actually trying to write a review of the live action Initial D movie at this moment.

About the only Samurai Champloo fic I have read, and will admit to, was Jin-centric by Angrybee. It was pretty amusing.

Sounds like, by the username Angrybee, that it might be amusing.

My girls are 2 and 13. The 13 year old is currently crashed out with her best friend in the other room and Anna (2) is playing and making some sort of loud banging noise in the living room. I'm finally waking up enough to play with her, I think, but it took an hour or so.

Is that for your website? I saw it on your userinfo. Loved the name! Last movie I saw was 'Kung Fu Hustle'

Yeah, I haven't updated in a couple of years, since I got into anime but "Initial D" seemed like something that cried to be included.

Stephen Chow is the God of Comedy.

The sad thing is I was looking at my reviews yesterday and they suck. I told Paul and he says they don't suck. It was the bad writing fairy that came. I said the only good reviews are the ones you wrote (he did "Avalon" and "Spirited Away"). He said "They suck." Anyways....

MD is 15. Never was a baby person so I definitely preferred her at 13 to 2.

I doubt they suck. In fact, I read the first mix already and I liked the one you did for Kate and Leopold (I thought the movie was dumb as well). Your Hero review was terrif. standard humorless people doing incredible things, now how could you not find that line amusing in restrospect. I haven't seen Initial D yet.

Whitney will soon be 14, but is acting 18. Her real mother, on the other hand, is still acting 15. Anna acts her age (2) and is cute, except for right this minute since she is trying to grab the mouse.

Thanks for those kind words. Now to get back to it. (Stepped out for lunch at the local Indian buffet.)

I'm so JEALOUS. I love Indian food.

The benefits of living in a suburb that is 40% first generation immigrants; excellent Mexican and Indian food is easily available.

I feel dumb. After I posted the last comment, I looked up at the icon and realized I had the wrong anime. Last night I was sleepy as well. Oh well, randomness of the first comment was likely amusing.

Are you trying to say you mistook Izumi for Mugen?

For Jin. *cringes* It was late, but there really is no excuse. Meep.

Hee, hee! Some stinker put on your nuts with an air-powered torc wrench. Bet you they did this time too at Just Tires. It is much the quicker way. You may want to check on that and bring the car back to get them loosened a bit if you can't take off a nut.

Tires that cannot be removed without a torc wrench are nearly useless. ::Snicker::

Not, it is true, that I have ever changed my own tire. I have had many a flat in my neglectful life but have yet to change my own tire. I did once open my own trunk by myself but that was it. There was always some guy who, for reasons unknown, leaped out of the woodwork to assist me in a spanking style. My job has always been to stand by and soak in what they had to say in a fascinated manner. That means I have picked up a lot of info that has been verified many times.

Why do men want to change tires? I don't know. Although, I suspect it is to provide an excuse for being late to work or to get me out of the front of their driveway.

Actually the tires was put on at Firestone and yeah, we both knew it was from an air wrench.

Paul was bitching about the guy not having paid attention to the little gauge.

Why do men always want to explain to me that a little Bon Ami will clean my tea mug right up?

Or back in my college days when I was charge of the will being of several PCs, there was always some fool who wanted to tell me how to use a screwdriver but I could never find a fool to help me get the machine to Radio Shack down the street.

I'm grateful, though, for whatever primitive instinct causes them to change tires.

Ya gotta be handy with the screwdriver, left-handed, in the dark and either be sexually available or, failing that, have a really charismatic BF.

Don't be silly.