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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Sty, Sweet Sty

It's good to be back, back in my own superdyduperdy comfortable office chair with my keyboard on a sufficiently long cable that I can hold it in my lap. Also nice to see spouse, child and cats.

All I'm gonna say about Thursday is I didn't shine and managed to fry at least one, maybe two, computers throught the sheer power of my magnetic personality. (EMP truly is my middle name.)

Today went much better. I made contributions in the big meeting so that was good and educated one of the guys on a tool we use.

All the eventful stuff happened on the Chicago end of the trip.

While I was waiting for a cab, 3 Chicago cops were trying to stuff an apparent drunk into a cab. They got him in, the cab drove about 10 feet and stopped again. I was really curious to know what was going on. The other event was my cabby telling me that "You are very beautiful. Hey, I am speaking to you." I don't know if this was English practice for picking up American girls or a ploy for a bigger tip.

Mood: gratefulglad

Perhaps he would have seemed cuter if he had used 'Engrish', since he was a foreign national. Chicago is a great city

The "Hey, I'm speaking to you." would have been offputting if I had been in the market but I don't actually think he was trying to pick me up though he did complain about Americans not being social.

So, technically is was "Engrish" because the context of his usage was a little off (and funny).

I guess you could've sweetly said "Thank you" and immediately gone on to ask about the cops and the drunk but that might have encouraged him. One never knows.