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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Today's Anime

Cartoon Network:
Inuyasha -- Fifty Year Curse of the Dark Priestess
I like this episode and the one that follows with Naraku's evil plan to have Kagome kill Inuyasha with an arrow; shades of 50 years before. It's great how even though he warns Tsubaki that Kagome is a tough nut he still expects his plan to succeed; how Kagome warns Inuyasha and how Inuyasha doesn't even think there is anything to forgive.

For Kids
One Piece -- Stranded
I don't even particularly care for this episode in Japanese. It is way too grim.

Shaman King --  The Prophecy
I didn't get the whole prophecy thing. So the music guy played a song backwards, or something, and there was a prophecy about a blue haired shaman from the north and his defeat would result in the destruction of the planet so the music guy is doing his best to defeat Trey (Horo-horo), the blue haired shaman from the north?

Mezzo  -- Shell of Misery
Shades of Angel. Dozed through a lot of it again but what I saw wasn’t one of the better episodes.