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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Highspeed Internet, a Glass of Wine ...

I arrived at last. Please forgive any typos. I'm posting directly instead of using a client and my keyboard is this dinky little thing.

The days has had its ups and downs, some of the downs supplied by my own idiocy.

1) I started to drive away from the office to go to the airport but the car was 'funny'. Sure enough, I had a flat. So, I looked at that for a few moments and reparked the car intending to call a cab and deal with the flat Saturday when I wasn't timeboxed. However, C courteously drove me to the airport and I got there right on schedule.

2) Got to the baggage claim and there was no action so I walked to the other end of the terminal (Of course, it's Manchester NH so that's not saying much) to rent my car. By the time I got back, the carousel still wasn't moving but I did get my bag shortly. 2 points for me.

3) I screwed up driving out of the airport and ended up on 93 which was east of where I needed to be. Because of this error, and other, it took me like 3 times as long as it should to get to the hotel but I made it.

4) After I checked inI got some groceries including a bottle of wine. Then I got Thai takeaway for dinner which was tasty, tasty very, very tasty, I didn't have to wear pants, and I could have as much wine as I liked. Plus I can have the leftovers for breakfast.

Which brings me to now, feeding my addiction...

Mood: relaxedrelaxed

A big 'hurrah' for internet addictions. Livejournal is set up to be highly addictive, if you ask me. And then there is all the other fun distractions. I recently acquired a new laptop with highspeed access and now my spouse is regreting this little 'present'.

Good luck in your travels.

Nothing like being locked up in a hotel room with food, booze and entertainment. Hope tomorrow goes well.