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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Another F'ing Meme...

Which anime character do the people on your friend's list remind you of?

When people answer this post saying 'aniME', you have to update the post together with the name of your friend and a picture of the anime character they most remind you of, or that remind you of them while you see the show. You must also say who the anime character is, and why they remind you of your friend. Pass the meme on!

For aoi_tsuki1
Nenene Sumiregawa
Nenene Sumiregawa -- Does not suffer fools at all. She is persnickety about her stuff but once you get past her walls she will go to the ends of the earth for you.

For black_lavender
Dola -- She rules her brood with an iron rod and loves them despite their idiocies. She takes no guff from anyone but her crusty shell contains a slightly less crusty middle.

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AniME. Mwa.

Aw, sure. AniME.


Actually, you could have Nenene, too.

Hee - you know me too well, I think.

Are you reading my story, you naughty, naughty girl?

Ouatic-7 AKA Alvida

Yay! Thanks for friending me. I loved your Woody Allen reference. It's true, though, Rin/Sess is a bit, er, questionable though I have read a few hot ones.

I see you are watching Jaken_smut as well. Admit it, you think Jaken is sexy as all hell. Ha ha. No really, why do you like Jaken? (other than his studliness)

Off to have a peek at your journal.

I like Jaken 'cause he's the most "regular guy" of the lead characters. I actually think of him like a Jewish mother, always moaning about how put out he is about looking after Rin but when she is in danger he will go to her rescue. And Rin loves him back.

Ya1 Your icon scared me.

Jaken is an interesting character. He is so devoted to Sesshoumaru, who throws rocks at him (I'd do the same thing if I had a little green man following me around). By his thoughts and *some* of his dialogue, you know that he's quite intelligent, but when he starts sputtering and flying off at the mouth, he can come across as pretty silly!

'Regular guy' of the youkai world does seem a fitting description for him.