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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Parent Goals

MD started back to school yesterday. Any parent will recognize that the
natural result of this was she presented me with a form to fill out two
minutes before she had to leave this morning.

It was for chemistry. Part of it was the inevitable lab rules. MD
summarized it, "It just says I shouldn't be an asshat". After scanning
the thing, I concurred and signed. Then they wanted contact information
because, lord knows, that might have changed since she registered last

Lastly were a blank for "Student goals" and a blank for "Parent goals".
I think it's dead obvious I want her to get an "A" in the class however
I don't expect her to ever use chemistry in real life. I put "That she
become a great success in life so she can support her elderly parents."
Hopefully this won't come back to bite MD on the ass.


So glad my kids aren't the only ones who hand me this stuff at the last minute.

Your goals are loftier than mine. I would have written:

To avoid all contact with the school administration this year.

That's a good goal. Mine, in that line, would be a bit more expansive -- Never have to go on the school grounds. The problem is MD is in orchestra and then there's conferences and stuff...

We are, mentally at least, already in a fight with daughter #2's school. We need to have that start of the school year meeting pronto to re-establish our death grip around their collecive throats.

So I guess my parental goal would be to kill the writer of that form and kill them bad.

You and Lavender both seem to have a much more adversarial relationship with your respective schools than we do...

This could well be true.