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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Rec: To Tame a Wild Heart

Title: To Tame a Wild Heart
Author: Merith
Genres: Romance
Fandom(s): Inuyasha
Pairing(s): Inuyasha/Kagome
Rating: Adult audience of 17+
Warnings: Licking
Status: Complete
Link: To Tame a Wild Heart

Official Summary:
What would really happen if Inuyasha transformed into his youkai self and no one stopped him.

A tale of a transformed Inuyasha, full of waffly goodness.


Yeah, I remember that one. I think it just needs a bit of a rewrite to be great. Sigh, licking only goes so far before it just gets smelly and sticky for instance.

I agree it's not great but it stuck with me and it's on one of those sites without a favorites list, that I have observed.

I tagged the post as a rec but really it's just notes to me. When I did want to reread it I had enormous difficulty finding it.

Yeah, interesting to see different sites and how they handle things. I have no idea why the site is on hiatus, jail perhaps? Heh, just a joke.

Now I get to watch "Ju-on". I think I'll be typing a lot this evening.

That sounds like "watch" rather than watch.

I'm not big on horror myself though I did enjoy Versus, maybe because it was more action than horror. And Paul and I really like The Frighteners and liked it even before Jackson became a big name.

Regardless, enjoy.