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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Missed the Fine Print

In my eagerness to read How Albus Dumbledore Encountered the Hitokiri Battousai I didn't read the fine print and now find I am forced to post this meme:

Every person on your friends list gets to request a drabble from you. In return, they post this in their journal. Post all fandoms you're willing to write for. Your friends can pick a relationship, a story arc, a missing scene, or pretty much anything they want, unless the author has previously mentioned that they will not write it. They comment with what they want, and you write drabbles and post it in your journal.

I make no guarantees of quality but these are the fandoms I'm willing to try:

  • Inuyasha

  • YuuYuu Hakusho

  • Rurouni Kenshin

  • Buffy

  • Angel

  • Sharpe

  • Vorkosigan

  • Crossovers of any of the above

I feel in no way qualified to write m/m smut so please don't ask for that.

EDIT (20050814): My husband insists that I add <em>Hamish And Dougal: You'll have had your tea then</em> to the list of available fandoms and he will provide the Hamish and Dougal expertise. He is already working on the SharpexHamish and Dougal at no one's request. 

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I decided to randomly check out your journal and since no one was giving you any love, I thought I'd go ahead and put in my request (completely disregarding the f-list rule).

Also, I want to be difficult: Kirara's first impressions of Miroku

If to difficult: Kirara/Shippou friendship drabble.

Thanks in advance! *hopes she's not overstepping her bounds*

No problem. I was thinking of stalking friending you, anyway, if that's OK?

stalking is beginning to pay off friend away!

22 words or somethings. (Kirara ia a kitty of few words)

Ahhh, so good. Yesss, chin,... Ohhh, feels good. Between ears… perfect… Tummy, lower… lower…Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh…


Go away. Go Pet She-Partner.

Lol, That's so cute, and so is your icon :-)

I can so see Kirara telling Miroku to go away after using him. Although, come to think of it, at least we know Miroku's talent is good for something ^_^



She is one half of my furry entourage.