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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Doctor's Orders

Went to the doctor yesterday about my knees. A new doctor because I wanted somewhere closer to home. Also the last guy I saw somehow translated "a glass of wine" meaning a goblet into "a glass of wine" meaning a tumbler and started pressing me about how much work I had missed from my drinking even though I told him they were wine glass size glasses.

So the new guy poked my knees and I didn't squawk so he prescribed an anti-inflammatory and some exercises and to check back in two weeks to see if that was helping. So he gave me a sheet of exercises and wandered off. I looked at it and it said things like "Only perform the exercises checked by your doctor." "Hold for __ counts." "Perform __reps, __ times a day." No exercises were checked and no blanks were filled in. I dug the doctor up, fortunately he wasn't with another patient, and asked him to fill in the blanks.

He looks at it and goes, "I never looked at this before. There are certainly a lot of blanks.  I've just been handing it out. None of the other patients ever brought that up."

In other 'news', I've been wondering why in IY/YYH crossovers, Kagome never gets paired with Kuwabara. I've decided that for once, she should get the nice human guy who has no issues (other than that whole Yukina thing but Kagome has her whole Inuyasha thing). Tentative title -- A Miko and a Detective Walk Into a Bar.

Mood: recumbentrecumbent

But, Kagome is youkai fodder. Not passed for human consumtion.

You big drunky you.

Now, now, as I explained to the nice doctor, I am only a little drunky.

I didn't actually plan on having Kuwabara consume Kagome, except possibly on AFF; just little nibbles.

I'd love to see this pairing, just because Kuwabara deserves a nice girl who doesn't have a homicidal brother.

The best laid plans of mice and men and me gang aft agley but I will do my bestest.