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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Me & Sue!Me

This is a meme I did just because it looked interesting:

  1. Go to eLouai's Doll Maker.

  2. Make a doll of yourself trying to stay close to what you really look like.

  3. Then make another, MarySue!You. Extra points for wings.

  4. Post!


Notes: There is only one female body to choose from so don't blame me if the reality doesn't match up to the comic. The wing selection is totally crappy. I would have gone with bat wings but they were just too wee. How am I going to strike fear into the hearts of those I want to strike fear into the hearts of, let alone actually fly, with tiny little cute wings. I did not see an option to provide myself with a long, fluffy prehensile tail or knee length red hair.

Mood: amusedamused

This is a pain. And way too cute. Let me see.

Sigh, I have to wait until the troops are up. Not to mention doll #2 looks slightly more like me. Go figure. Not enough choice! Where is Tiger Woods when you need him? Now that was a program you could actually do a self portrait on.

There. Thanks to Daughter #2, I present a completely false image of myself. There was nothing that matched. Not hair, not skin, not shape of face, not attitude. Where is the TigerWoods pro-golf avatar program when you want one?

Very witchy or Lady MacBethy? I wonder what plans you have for that dagger.

I have way too much work to do to be wasting my time on this.


Like that's ever stopped me. This was very entertaining.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I figured even Sue!You looks like she should be dating Alex Louis Armstrong, who is awesome, or be his little sister.

She's the pretty, pretty princess sue out of all of my childhood fantasies. I'm such a girly-girl.

I don't think I ever dreamed of being the pretty, pretty princess. I wanted to be more swashbuckling.

Secretly, in my haert of hearts, I've always wanted to be me, but as written for Errol Flynn.

You too?! Plus I want the tail.