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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Steamboy, etc

P and I just watched Steamboy. I enjoyed the 'production design' but there wasn't nearly enough plot to fill two hours adequately. Then, even though this was a region 1 disk, they didn't translate the credits or give the English voice actors (Since it took place in England we listened in English, for once.).

MD set up a Queen playlist on jukebox on our way home from Fiddle Club last night. '39, which is probably my most favorite Queen song of all came up just before our driveway. We were both singing, or what we call singing, anyway.

She says, "You have to stop liking music I like."

I say, "To rebel, you'll just have to start listening to craptastic music." She claimed an inability to do that..

I don't regard the people I work with as friends, though we are on friendly terms and after 8 years together there is a certain intimacy. I was braggin' on MD as I am wont to do and sent the link to the post about Halloween/Cthulhu around.

D apparently thought I was genuinely concerned. On the other hand her kid missed the turn on a T-intersection and bottomed out the family car in a soy bean field where she then abandoned it for the cops to find. Maybe I won't let MD get that leanrer's permit next year...


You want to be careful with them Cthulhu links. You never know what kind of wild-eyed zealot is going to come leaping out of the copy room planning to do a bible-thumping intervention with you and yours.

I've stayed away from close friendships as an adult myself, but that's more because I know I'm weired and I'm too lazy to keep my mask up on my time off.