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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Where Have I Gone Wrong?

My daughter wants to pass out religious tracts at Halloween.

The Tract

She also wants me to wear a button that says "Witnessing for Cthulhu".

Edit: MD didn't actually compose the above but she and her dad are now writing their own. "Have you heard the bad news?"

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Tune: "'39" by Queen

Your daughter has a delightfully wicked sense of humor and possibly too much time on her hands.

The question is - are you going to wear the button?

If she provides a button, I will happily wear it. I will even distribute the tracts.

You may have gathered, she gets quite disgruntled when she gets a tract in her goodies.

I have never understood why a comment that Cthulhu sleeps at R'lyh should be such a crowd grabber. She does have a valid point though, maybe we should be rounding up a few sacrifces on e-bay.

I was just going to grab kids on Halloween. That would be the "trick".

Wouldn't want to traced though. Maybe those chick tacts have the right idea.

That site appears real. Wow, has evil ever become all pervasive and easy to inflict. Kind'a chirpy graphics too.

No worries. All anyone knows is the kid vanished while trick or treating. Take the parent, too, and it looks like a parental kidnapping.

Why stop with just trick-or-treaters? There are so many ways you can witness for Cthulhu!

Thanks much, I will be sure to pass those on.