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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

Title: Jewel
Theme: Set 2, Theme #8, Difference
Genres: Fluff
Pairings Represented: Jaken/Rin (platonic)
Word Count: 208
Rating: G

It was raining, seriously raining. In his youth, Jaken had not minded the rain but, when wet, the garments of age and honor he wore now clung to his body like grasping females until it was almost impossible for him to move. He sat on the only slightly less wet ground beneath a tree, back against the trunk, to shelter as best he could. It wasn't very effective but at least he could rest awhile.

Rin bounced about her usual mysterious business not caring how her yukata wound around her and how mud spattered her legs became. That girl could never be awake and still. The silly child trotted up with yet another 'treasure' to show him. Even kneeling, she loomed over him. He hated that. Children should be smaller than their elders.

"Look at the pretty stone, Jaken-sama," she said with her bright smile. It looked like any other river pebble to him. "See the green spots and the brown spots?" She held it against his hand and her own. "You can have it," thrusting it at him. Mechanically, he took the rock.

Rin bounded away and he tucked the jewel into his sleeve for safekeeping. He had no lips so his smile was on the inside.

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